The Trusting and Peaceful Kurilian Bobtail

A mid-longhaired Kurilian Bobtail cat

Hailing from Russia’s Sakhalin Island and Kuril archipelago, the Kurilian Bobtail cat is a natural feline breed with a balanced, pleasant, and peaceful character. It is renowned for its short and unique pom pom tail. No identical tails occur in this breed! Boasting a mild and trusting demeanor, this furball rarely gets … Read more

The Modest and Tender Chantilly-Tiffany Cat

Named after the famous desert, the Chantilly-Tiffany cat started as a breed with a soft, silky, chocolate coat. Soon, it expanded to other colors, such as blue, lilac, fawn, and cinnamon. What’s certain is the breed retained its loving, modest, tender, but talkative demeanor. It thrives in human companionship and builds strong … Read more

The People-centered and Adaptable Australian Mist Cat

An Australian Mist cat with a marble coat

A devoted Aussie cat, the Australian Mist is an extremely affectionate feline that flourishes on human companionship. In fact, this cat is bred on purpose to entertain children, accompany the elderly, and stay indoors with their families, which is an ironic twist as it hails from a country with vast and stunning … Read more

The “Miniature Leopard” – California Spangled Cat

The California Spangled cat with its leopard-like coat

Renowned as the “house leopard,” the California Spangled cat is a mixed feline breed developed from different progenitors to resemble a wild cat. Despite its untamed appearance, this furball is a super loving cat that builds strong bonds with its humans, making it a terrific family companion. Expect the California Spangled cat … Read more

The Black But Never Dull York Chocolate Cat

A York Chocolate Cat with its distinct chocolate color

Named after its place of origin and dark, rich chocolate brown or lavender coloring, the York Chocolate cat is an incredibly stunning cat, with a lustrous coat, further enhanced by its flexible and elegant body movement. This feline may be nearly black, but being with this furball is far from being dull. … Read more

The Bold and Engaging Snowshoe Cat

8-month old Snowshoe kitten

Combining the Siamese cat’s vocal personality and the American Shorthair, the Snowshoe cat is a bold but sweet-natured feline, named after its “snow boot” paws. It retains the Siamese’s bright blue eyes and the short-haired quality of American Shorthair, but with distinctive fur markings. A terrific companion, this cat perfect for families … Read more

The Peculiar and Nosy Ukrainian Levkoy

The Ukrainian Levkoy is a cross between the Donskoy and the Scottish Fold

Despite the long list breed of breed available, feline enthusiasts are trying to create new ones to add to the list. The Ukrainian Levkoy is one of the newest breeds, appearing only at the beginning of the 21st century. This cat is a product of crossing the Donskoy and Scottish Fold, and … Read more

The Rare and True-hearted Chinese Li-Hua

A Chinese Li Hua cat, with its distinct marking and tufted ear

One of the oldest native Chinese feline breeds, the Chinese Li Hua is an intelligent, devoted, and lively cat known for their incredible rat and vermin hunting skills. Also known as the Dragon Li and the “fox flower cat,” it’s history is uncertain, but was featured in some folktales from China. What’s … Read more

The Royal and Peppy Serengeti Cat

A male Serengeti cat

Boasting a robust and muscular body, exotic look, and innate majesty, the Serengeti cat seems like a monarch in the cat fancy. This feline is a product of crossing the Bengal and Oriental Shorthair, creating a “less wild” cat than the Savannah. But beyond its feral appearance, the Serengeti cat has earned … Read more

The Teeny and Adoring Minuet Cat

A Minuet cat sporting the Munchkin’s short legs

A stunning product of crossing the noble Persian and the short Munchkin, the Minuet cat is a sweet, playful, affectionate cat that inherits some of its progenitors’ best traits. It adores human companionship and builds strong bonds with its families, even doing well with children. Adding their doll-like face and petite physique … Read more