Best Cat Breeds for Mousing

If you have rodent issues and you’re looking for a natural to get rid of these pests, cats can be an excellent addition to your home. While they are snuggly and make terrific companions, these felines are natural-born predators and can transform into frisky and fierce hunters. So, dump the mousetrap, and discover these adorable breeds that are tough to beat when it comes to mousing.

1. Maine Coon

Maine Coon may be a gentle giant but is an excellent mouser

Known for being the “gentle giants” of the cat kingdom, you might think that Maine Coons can’t tackle rats. Let them prove to you otherwise. These cats have a semi-wildcat ancestry and are blessed with great mousing skills. They will happily hunt mice, and their large and powerful stature makes them comfortable doing so. However, they tend to be docile. Keep them physically stimulated if you want to unleash their hunting prowess.

2. American Shorthair

American Shorthairs boasts extraordinary mousing abilities that helped many people get rid of vermins for many centuries

American Shorthairs sound native to the United States, but they actually trace their roots to Europe. These cats were valued for their exceptional hunting abilities that helped farmers, shopkeepers, and sailors free their areas from vermins. Add to that, these cats are quite affectionate and have an easygoing personality. For those traits, they have been a staple in many American homes.

3. Turkish Angora

Turkish Angoras can be deceiving. Behind their elegant look lies their excellent mousing skills

Turkish Angoras are graceful and beautiful cats that hail from Ankara City, Turkey. They bond well with their humans and would be glad to jive in every activity that they do. Expect them to drape on your shoulders, rest beside you in the bed, or curl on your lap. But, while boasting an exquisite look and an affectionate side, these cats also possess great athleticism and street smarts. Adding their adamant demeanor makes them proficient mouse hunters, always ready to chase and pounce their prey.

4. Siberian

Siberian cats thrived in one of the harshest regions in the world, which made them tougher and gave them incredible hunting skills

Hailing from Russia’s subarctic taiga, these cats evolved to withstand the harsh climates and acquire great hunting abilities to survive. Siberian cats are large, strong, and powerful. But despite their size, they are surprisingly graceful and agile. So, expect that no rodent will pass their guard. While fearless, an affectionate and engaging personality lies inside these cats, bringing warmth to its beloved families.

5. Siamese

While sophisticated and regal, Siamese cats turn out to be excellent mousers

Brimming with sophistication and regality, Siamese cats will surprise you with their adept mousing abilities. They can clear any home from rodents, but they will require your devotion in return. Siamese thrives in human companionship and interaction. If left alone, they will resent your lack of attention. But, give the affection and time they rightfully deserve, they will be happy to demonstrate their mousing skills. Be ready as these cats will offer their wildlife gifts to show their gratitude.

6. Manx

Manx cats trace its roots from the Isle of Man where they were valued as a mouser both on farms and ships

The Manx cat hails from the Isle of Man between England and Ireland, where they were used for hunting rodents both on ships and farmlands. Since these cats lived an island life, they are naturally alert and can even act as your home’s watch cat, protecting your family from anything it views as a threat. Not to worry, though! These cats know when to calm down and display their affectionate, fun-loving, and friendly side.

7. Chartreux

Chartreux cats are natural-born hunters with a sweet-tempered demeanor

One of the famous breeds in France, the Chartreux, is a nicely muscled breed and is a born hunter. They are believed to have originated from the Grande Chartreuse Monastery, where monks relished their hunting ability. More importantly, Chartreux cats are sweet-tempered, loyal, quiet, and intelligent, making them a fantastic family companion.

8. Burmese

While known for their companionship, the Burmese cats also boasts impeccable hunting skills

Originating from Burma’s temples, these cats lived with the monks, where they were valued for their companionship. No surprise as Burmese cats are loyal, entertaining, and affectionate kitties that enjoy being with their people anywhere around. You’ll have fun having them in your home. Plus, these cats are also athletic, intelligent, and playful. Summing all those traits makes the Burmese cats an impeccable mouse hunter.

9. Japanese Bobtail

Japanese Bobtails were initially used for rodent population control, giving them their incredible hunting instincts

Japanese Bobtails are affectionate, sweet, and fun-loving felines. Many cat enthusiasts appreciate them as they make good companions, both for adults and kids and even pets. Formerly used in silk factories and grain storages to control the rodent population, these cats will bring their hunting instincts when you add them to your home. They will eliminate pests in no time while serving as your lovable pals.

10. Persian

While known to be lazy, Persian cats possess superb mousing abilities

Revered for their docile personality and exquisite appearance, the Persian cats hide great mousing abilities inside them. Their eyes will widen at the sight of any rodent and will immediately get into action. While generally gentle, these cats know when to use bursts of their energy. As intelligent felines, Persian cats also make quick work of the job as they efficiently outwit their prey.


These breeds are some of the best mousers in the cat kingdom that will eliminate and deter mice from getting into your home. However, don’t get these cats only for their hunting skills, knowing that you’ll be living with them for a long time. Make sure to take their personality into account, and choose one that will fit your needs and lifestyle.