Best Multivitamins for Cats

cat eating, food bowl, water bowl, cat food, grass

Cats are mainly carnivorous, which means they need meat to survive. Felines can take their share of vitamins from some grains and veggies, but they certainly can’t go without consuming any protein. Your furry friend requires plenty of exercise, a balanced diet, and multivitamins to become a healthy cat. Regrettably, our furry friends … Read more

10 Weird Cat Habits

woman in an upside-down position, black cat with dots, cat facing woman

Does your cat do something that confuses you or makes you think that your cat isn’t normal? Well, if your cat exhibits any of these weird habits listed below, then you shouldn’t worry, for your cat is considered completely normal. Learn about these 10 weird cat habits, why they do them, and … Read more

Should You Feed Stray Cats?

A cat walking along the edge of a wall with houses and boats in the background.

It is not unusual to come across a wild animal that you take pity on and wish to help in some way, no matter how small. Most people have an innate desire to help their non-human neighbors if they can. This can be evidenced by a number of factors, like the inclusion … Read more

Don’t Forget the Toys When Getting a New Cat

a kitten playing with a scratcher

Getting a pet is a new milestone for families. It is a great addition to the family that loves you dearly and becomes an important part of your daily routine. Imagine returning home from work and your cat purring to get your attention. There is no comparison between having children and opting … Read more

Asian Cat Breeds

Kurilian Bobtail

From elegant, furry kitties you see on commercials and movies to slender, sleek felines illustrated in ancient books and paintings, the Asian continent has produced some of the most beautiful cat breeds in the world in the past hundreds of years. Learn more about the more popular ones, like the Persians and … Read more

Best Cat Breeds for Mousing

Best Cat Breeds for Mousing

If you have rodent issues and you’re looking for a natural to get rid of these pests, cats can be an excellent addition to your home. While they are snuggly and make terrific companions, these felines are natural-born predators and can transform into frisky and fierce hunters. So, dump the mousetrap, and … Read more

Best Cat Breeds for First-Time Owners

Best Cat Breeds for First-Time Owners

Adding your first feline companion to your home is an exciting experience. Cats are terrific and big-hearted animals that you can’t stop loving in return. However, like any other pets, different cat breeds have varying behaviors. You’d want to pick one that you can quickly get along with and turn your first … Read more

The Modest and Tender Chantilly-Tiffany Cat

Named after the famous desert, the Chantilly-Tiffany cat started as a breed with a soft, silky, chocolate coat. Soon, it expanded to other colors, such as blue, lilac, fawn, and cinnamon. What’s certain is the breed retained its loving, modest, tender, but talkative demeanor. It thrives in human companionship and builds strong … Read more

The “Miniature Leopard” – California Spangled Cat

The California Spangled cat with its leopard-like coat

Renowned as the “house leopard,” the California Spangled cat is a mixed feline breed developed from different progenitors to resemble a wild cat. Despite its untamed appearance, this furball is a super loving cat that builds strong bonds with its humans, making it a terrific family companion. Expect the California Spangled cat … Read more

The Sweet-tempered and Quiet Chartreux Cat

A female Chartreux cat

Chartreux cat is a sturdy, short-haired cat with French origin, much desired for its incredible mousing skills, exotic look, and dense, water-repellent coat. This feline has a stout, muscular body, but often deemed a “potato on toothpicks,” due to its relatively short, fine-boned legs. While it is a stocky furball, the Chartreux … Read more