A Cat’s Eye Color and its Rarity

Flash photography effect in blue eye, but not in the yellow eye of an odd-eyed cat

The most uncommon cat eye color is hazel or orange. Cats have low melanin levels in their eyes, allowing them to have light-colored eyes. Because of the high levels of melanin in their eyes, feral cats and cats like the Scottish Fold tend to have these eye colors. The pupils of a … Read more

The Importance of Getting a Cat Neutered

There are various advantages for neutering a cat

Neutering, derived from the Latin neuter ‘of neither sex,’ is the removal of an animal’s reproductive organ, either entirely or in large part. Castration refers to male animals, whereas spaying refers to female animals. Both terms are commonly referred to colloquially as fixing. Castrating male horses is referred to as gelding. A … Read more

8 Cat Breeds with Big Distinctive Eyes

A two-weeks old baby Sphynx kitten

One of the tiniest felines also has the largest eyes of any cat breed. The Singapura is The International Cat Association’s (TICA) smallest registered cat breed, having originated on the streets of Singapore. It is best known for its expressive, large eyes and affectionate, playful personality. Cats’ pupils change size and shape … Read more

Ways to Keep a Cat in a Small Apartment

Scratching is innate to cats so it is beneficial to provide scratching toys in various areas of your apartment

According to research, petting a cat has real health benefits. People who own cats have a 30% better chance of avoiding stroke and other heart problems than those who do not. A feline companion can provide you with unconditional love and companionship thereby reducing stress and heart health issues. Owning a cat … Read more

Tips for Tracking Your Cat With GPS

Tips for Tracking Your Cat With GPS

While you do your best to keep your cat indoors, you’ll never know when she will unleash her skills at finding escape routes to go outdoors. Otherwise, your cat may sneak when your guest leaves the door wide open, slip when you’re in the middle of a move, or simply wander off … Read more

Top Things to Consider Before Getting A Cat

Top Things to Consider Before Getting A Cat

Cats make wonderful pets and bringing one into your home is an exciting event. Some cats are very affectionate and would love to curl on your lap or cuddle with you on the couch. Others have an independent streak but are still fun to have around, perching on high places and just … Read more

What should you never feed your cat?

What should you never feed your cat

While dogs are ravenous eaters, cats tend to be picky with the food they eat. With that, it’s easy for many feline guardians to think that their furry pets know what’s best for them. Yes, cats may turn away their nose from raw meat, but that doesn’t imply they would do the … Read more

How often should you give your cat treats?

How often should you give your cat treats

Many of us keep our own reserve of our best-loved snacks in the fridge, cupboard, or pantry. If you’re a cat guardian, chances are you do the same for your beloved feline, hoarding them a stockpile of their preferred treats. But do you really need to indulge your cat with treats? How … Read more