History and Evolution of Domestic Cats

A kitten on a tree

The history and evolution of domestic cats is an ongoing debate. Researchers and scientists have continuously studied the ancient fossils of this animal and tried to find out the exact date of origin. Until now, we can safely say that cats existed around 10,000 to 12,000 years ago. However, scientists still find … Read more

Long-haired Cat Breeds

Long-haired Cat Breeds

Cats’ coats come in all colors, forms and lengths. But, what do Persians, Maine Coons, and Ragdolls all have in common? Their bushy beauty, and luxurious long, silky hair, of course! If you have a soft spot for lush, fluffy kitties and willing to pay them tribute by fulfilling their extra grooming … Read more

Asian Cat Breeds

Kurilian Bobtail

From elegant, furry kitties you see on commercials and movies to slender, sleek felines illustrated in ancient books and paintings, the Asian continent has produced some of the most beautiful cat breeds in the world in the past hundreds of years. Learn more about the more popular ones, like the Persians and … Read more

Longest Living Cat Breed

Longest Living Cat Breeds

For many cat enthusiasts, getting a cat means more than just having a pet. Often, these felines become their companion and a part of the family. While it is said that cats have nine lives, humans outlive them, no matter how much more we want them to be with us. Fortunately, these … Read more

Short-haired Cat Breeds

Short haired Cat Breeds

If you love cats but not their long fur, don’t fret! There’s a long list of short-haired cat breeds around the world that will most likely save you time from grooming and in sweeping or vacuuming the house. Little fur doesn’t mean less glamor and affection as these short-haired breeds are also … Read more