Tips for Photography your Favorite Feline Friend

Shallow focus of brown cat

Are you a cat lover looking to capture some memorable and adorable photographs of your furry feline friend? Photographing cats can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it can also be challenging. From their unpredictable behavior to their easily distracted nature, capturing the perfect shot can take some time and patience. … Read more

How to Cat Proof Your Home?

A domestic kitten

If you’ve ever had a cat or kitten, then you know that cats are not the most graceful creatures. They tend to knock over the plants and chew on them, jump onto shelves and knock things off, scratch up furniture, and the list goes on.  With all of this in mind, it … Read more

Tips to Deal with Cats and Their Fear of Water

A cat checking the water from the tap with her paw

Does everyone know how many cats there hate baths, pools, and oceans? Pretty much any other form of water is known to irritate cats. If you try to bathe a cat, you can get scratching, biting, and threatening vocalizations in return. We do not blame you if you had to bathe the … Read more

Relationship of Cats And Dogs

A dog sniffing cat’s ear

We use the cliché “fighting like cats and dogs” as a natural law, although many houses have both animals living together happily. Do they become best friends as a result of this? Is it possible that they are similar because they share the same social and physical environment? Cats and dogs communicate … Read more

Tips for Taking Care of Your Cats Fur

Cat shot in close-up

It is no secret that if you are a cat person, you do not have a hard time loving one or more cats. However, it is hard for you to choose just one. To some people, animals provide them so much joy! However, you might worry about keeping them and not being … Read more

Why Do Cats Love Boxes a Lot?

gray and blue-eyed cat in a box

You’re filled with excitement as you have just bought a cool toy for your cat. But your furry feline friend ignores its brand-new plush cat bed or fancy cat condo and instead goes to snuggle down into the box that comes with it. We’re sure that it has happened to your cat, … Read more

Celebrity Cats and their Worth

an animated version of Grumpy Cat

In present times, when making money seems to be a hard deal, a lot of people become millionaires just sitting at home. You might be thinking that it’s not possible, but it is. All you need to do is go out and find yourself an adorable pet with a visibly unique feature. … Read more

Garfield: The Famous Hollywood Cat

Garfield and his friends. 

Hollywood has been full of creative ideas for movies. From animation to pure action, some films are simply too amazing and gain the audience’s attention. Among the very famous animation films of all time is Garfield which is also known as the Hollywood cat. Being a major influence on pop culture, trends, … Read more