Why Do Cats Love Boxes a Lot?

gray and blue-eyed cat in a box

You’re filled with excitement as you have just bought a cool toy for your cat. But your furry feline friend ignores its brand-new plush cat bed or fancy cat condo and instead goes to snuggle down into the box that comes with it. We’re sure that it has happened to your cat, … Read more

Celebrity Cats and their Worth

an animated version of Grumpy Cat

In present times, when making money seems to be a hard deal, a lot of people become millionaires just sitting at home. You might be thinking that it’s not possible, but it is. All you need to do is go out and find yourself an adorable pet with a visibly unique feature. … Read more

Garfield: The Famous Hollywood Cat

Garfield: The Famous Hollywood Cat

Hollywood has been full of creative ideas for movies. From animation to pure action, some films are simply too amazing and gain the audience’s attention. Among the very famous animation films of all time is Garfield which is also known as the Hollywood cat. Being a major influence on pop culture, trends, … Read more

The Process Of Cat Breeding

A group of kittens

The process of cat breeding might seem simple to an observer. In reality, it is the opposite. Cat breeding as compared to dog breeding is slightly different. The reason is that pregnancies in cats differ from the way it takes place in bitches. However, the general principle is that you need to … Read more

Historical Events Involving Cats

A cat lying awkwardly on the floor

Cats are the super adorable creatures that light up our lives with their presence. Sure, they have an attitude problem and will only let you cuddle if it’s up to their mood, but let’s face it, you can’t live without your pet cat.  And historically cats have always been loved going all … Read more

Why do Mother Cats Sometimes Eat Their Own Kittens?

Cats and kittens

There is nothing but pure joy when one of your pet cats gives birth to little munchkins. You cannot get enough of them, and you love their little meows and cute paws. Everything is good and upbeat until you discover one or more kittens missing and end up finding that their mother … Read more

How Your Pet May Improve Your Mental Health?

Couple with a pet dog and cat. 

Pets are absolute companions to humans. Keeping a pet dates back centuries, and today people still keep pets out of love. Pets today are more like family and companions than anything else. The animals like cats and dogs, which were kept outside of the house, now sleep inside the homes, often on … Read more

Why Your Cat Brings You “Gifts”?

Cat with her toy

Almost all cat owners have received “gifts” from their cats at least once. Some may receive their cat’s favorite toy, while others get a dead mouse or rodent. Cats have been domesticated for more than ten thousand years. However, the instinct of hunting is still strong in them. The dead animals your … Read more