Why do Mother Cats Sometimes Eat Their Own Kittens?

Cats and kittens

There is nothing but pure joy when one of your pet cats gives birth to little munchkins. You cannot get enough of them, and you love their little meows and cute paws. Everything is good and upbeat until you discover one or more kittens missing and end up finding that their mother … Read more

How Your Pet May Improve Your Mental Health?

Couple with a pet dog and cat. 

Pets are absolute companions to humans. Keeping a pet dates back centuries, and today people still keep pets out of love. Pets today are more like family and companions than anything else. The animals like cats and dogs, which were kept outside of the house, now sleep inside the homes, often on … Read more

Why Your Cat Brings You “Gifts”?

Cat with her toy

Almost all cat owners have received “gifts” from their cats at least once. Some may receive their cat’s favorite toy, while others get a dead mouse or rodent. Cats have been domesticated for more than ten thousand years. However, the instinct of hunting is still strong in them. The dead animals your … Read more

All You Should Know About the Cat Island of Japan

The Ao Island of Japan

Many of us only have a fantasy of living in a world that is surrounded by cats but in Japan, this is a reality. There is a specific island in Japan that is dedicated to cats. All the cat lovers wish to be there as they find it heaven. If you are … Read more

Famous Cat Movies

Cat movies have started to become more popular for the audience all over the world. 

Most of us love cats and have them as our pets and why not, they are really the cute animals out there that can act as the best companions. Not only in real life but cats have got fame in Hollywood as well. Several movies have been released which had the story … Read more

Myths you Didn’t Know About Cats

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Cats are among the most popular pets, yet the masses almost always misunderstand them. Just like any other animals, felines are creatures of complexity, and there’s substantially more to them than meets the eye. There are many myths about cats; some are quite harmless, while some could harm them as some humans … Read more

Do Cats Feel Jealousy?

cat, eyeglasses, close-eyed cat

Cat parents like giving their felines human-like traits saying cats have human-like emotions such as showing love and understanding. One of those emotions is jealousy. You might have noticed your cat exhibiting this emotion, and as a cat parent, you’re curious if your fur baby does feel so. So the question is: … Read more

10 Weird Cat Habits

woman in an upside-down position, black cat with dots, cat facing woman

Does your cat do something that confuses you or makes you think that your cat isn’t normal? Well, if your cat exhibits any of these weird habits listed below, then you shouldn’t worry, for your cat is considered completely normal. Learn about these 10 weird cat habits, why they do them, and … Read more

Celebrities Who Have Infinite Love for Cats

An image of a sitting cat gazing upward.

A lot of people look up to celebrities. They try to emulate their way of life, invest time in new hobbies because of them, and just love following news about them in general. So, it comes as no surprise that when a celebrity reveals something about themselves that we can relate to, … Read more

History and Evolution of Domestic Cats

A kitten on a tree

The history and evolution of domestic cats is an ongoing debate. Researchers and scientists have continuously studied the ancient fossils of this animal and tried to find out the exact date of origin. Until now, we can safely say that cats existed around 10,000 to 12,000 years ago. However, scientists still find … Read more