Best Cat Breeds for Apartment Living

Best Cat Breeds for Apartment Living

If you’re living in an apartment or condo, you’d be happy to hear that having a small space doesn’t deter you from having a feline companion. Cats are amenable to apartment living as long as you provide them with love, attention, playtime, and an enriched environment. Felines are known to be easier … Read more

Black Cat: Myths and Superstitions

Black Cat: Myths and Superstitions

Myths and superstitions shrouded black cats for many centuries. While it may seem that we’re already in a modern world, many lores are still culturally alive in the United States as well as in many other countries. In most cases, crossing paths with these creatures is often associated with bad luck, but … Read more

Why Do Cats Eat Grass?

British Shorthair cat eating grass

If your kitty has been with you for some time, you may already know that they are “obligate” carnivores, meaning that they need meat to survive, and many of their nutritional needs are met by consuming other animals’ flesh. However, cats do a lot of quirky things. One of their obsessions is … Read more

Why Do Cats Purr?

A man rubbing his cat

Curling up with your cat on the sofa while listening to her purrs provides a unique sense of comfort. It often elicits the same feeling when we smile when we see dogs wag their tails. It is well-known that when cats purr, it signals that our feline companion is happy, relaxed, and … Read more

Top Cat Breeds around the World

There are millions of domesticated cats all over the world, each of them being beloved members of their respective households. While many cat lovers are content with taking in strays and adopting kittens from their friends’ cats, there are some individuals who prefer to go with a certain breed. Not all cat … Read more

Most Popular Cat Breeds in the US

An indoors kitten

Cats are among the most commonly domesticated animals in the world, though dogs manage to surpass their popularity when it comes to the US. Many people might think that having a dog for a pet is better because of their loyalty and protective spirit, but cats are much cleaner and perhaps easier … Read more