Best Cat Breeds for First-Time Owners

Adding your first feline companion to your home is an exciting experience. Cats are terrific and big-hearted animals that you can’t stop loving in return. However, like any other pets, different cat breeds have varying behaviors. You’d want to pick one that you can quickly get along with and turn your first experience memorable. With that, you can’t just select a cat that entices your eyes, as getting one means you’re responsible for taking care and treating it properly. To help you out, here the best feline breed options you’ll love to have as a first-time cat owner.

1) Maine Coon

The "gentle giant" Maine Coon makes a great first feline pet

Known for their immense size, the Maine Coons are also popular for their calm and pleasant personality, earning them the reputation as the “gentle giants” of the cat kingdom. These felines have dog-like tendencies, intelligent, playful, easy to train, and very adaptable. With their soft, quiet voices, they’re like meek puppies hiding in a huge stature. Despite their gentleness, these cats are blessed with excellent hunting skills, though. Don’t be surprised to get wildlife gifts from them in the morning when you take them home.

2) American Shorthair

American Shorthair's personality is in the middle of everything, making it a great feline friend for first-time cat owners

American Shorthairs cats boast a well-balanced personality and are known to be loving, pleasant, and easy-going, making it ideal to be your first feline pet. They will yearn for your humans’ attention but won’t be too needy for it. They relish independence and can entertain themselves whenever you’re busy. If you have cats or children, ease your worries as American Shorthairs are also very accepting and happy to be their new friends.

3) Siamese

Siamese cat is perfect for first-time owners looking for a chatty housemate

If you’re looking for an intelligent, playful, and entertaining cat, the Siamese is one of your best bets. With their very short coat, you’ll have no issues cleaning, and all you’ll need to do is weekly brushing to keep their fur healthy. What you just need to be prepared for is their vocal personality. Siamese cats love to talk! They will not hold back in airing whatever they’re thinking using their loud, raspy voice. These cats are also loyal and affectionate. Just be sure to spend some extra time for some lengthy conversations.

4) Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold is ideal for first-time owners looking for a very loyal and affectionate breed

Scottish Folds are unique-looking cats, easily recognizable through their inward-folding ears and large eyes, giving them an owl-like appearance. They are known to be very loyal and love to their owners, but will not be nagging for attention. While mostly gentle, these cats are smart and will also enjoy playing games. In general, they thrive in human companionship. If you’re looking for a cat that will fill your heart with affection, the Scottish Fold is a good fit for you.

5) Ragdoll

Ragdolls are the best option for first-time cat owners looking for a cuddly and loving feline companion

Ragdolls are known to melt with pleasure in their families’ arms or lap. They love their humans, so expect them to stick to you like glue, following you around the house, even in the shower. They are playful and are not hard to please. A simple game like chasing the string or feather toy is enough to make them happy. Once they’ve consumed their energy, expect them to come to you for some good and warm snuggles.

6) Exotic Shorthair

Exotic Shorthair cats are great alternatives for the high-maintenance Persian cat

If you want to have a Persian cat but don’t like the breed’s high grooming upkeeps. The Exotic Shorthairs are the best alternative. These cats are livelier versions of their exquisite cousins that would love to engage with you for some playtime, sit on your lap, or follow you around the house. They are calm and endearing, making it a non-issue if you have children or planning to add other pets. Just respect their independence, and give them time for some lounging sessions, and you’ll have an exotic yet lovable pet housemate.

7) Sphynx

Sphynx cats are goofy cats that will bring fun to any home

Allergic to cat’s fur? Don’t let that prevent you from having your first feline companion. Sphynx cats are ideal for first-time owners looking to can’t deal with shedding. But, while they lack hair, these cats are booming with personality. They are smart, fun-loving, and active, always wanting to be the center of attention. They relish human companionship, making them perfect for bigger families. Add them to your home, and get feline clowns that would do lots of things to entertain and give you a laugh.

8) Abyssinian

Abyssinian cats are an excellent fit for more active homes

For people looking for a super-intelligent cat brimming with tons of energy, the Abyssinian cat is a perfect choice. One important note: these cats are inquisitive. These feline geniuses love to explore and survey their surroundings, leaving no nook undiscovered. See them climbing or jumping from different points in the house, and get any stuff that interests their minds. Abys are not one of the most cuddly breeds but will establish strong bonds with you. But, if your family is on the active side, they will be the best pals for you.

9) Burmese

The Burmese cat is an ever-present and loyal cat that is perfect for first-time owners that can return its devotion

Burmese cats are known for their dog-like loyalty and form deep bonds with their families. They are ever-present and will be happy to partake in every activity that you do. Moreover, these cats don’t pick their favorites and are amenable to live harmoniously with everyone in the household, including children and other pets. But, with such loving nature, they’re not the type of cats that would still flourish if left for extended periods. Get them if you are willing to return the devotion these cats provide.

10) Birmans

Birman cats are an ideal choice for first-time owners looking for a sweet and affectionate feline friend

Conspicuous with their striking blue eyes and cute brown nose, the Birman cats are sweet, affectionate, and calm felines that love to be with their family. They are quiet but will not hesitate to use their sweet voice to tell you they’re hungry or ask for some warm cuddles. While less active, they have their fun-loving side and will be glad to fetch or chase balls. Otherwise, see them curling in your lap or relaxing in your arms.


Having a cat for the first time is a daunting task. It can be even more intimidating if you don’t choose the perfect feline companion. Depending on your needs and living situations, make sure to pick the best cat breed that will suit you and your home.