What Cat Breeds Shed the Least?

What Cat Breeds Shed the Least

We are all huge cat fans, and some of us even put up with the discomfort of severe allergic reactions just so we can keep our feline companions.  A certain amount of shedding occurs with all cats, and the dander that is dispersed around along with their fur causes allergic reactions in … Read more

Why the Sphynx Dwelf Doesn’t Have Hair?

peach-skinned Sphynx Dwelf cat sitting down

Among the most well-known cat breeds in the world is the Sphynx Dwelf, and they’re famous because they don’t look like your usual cat. A Sphynx Dwelf cat, just from the name itself, you’ll know that they are hairless or lack fur, and many people surely are wondering why Sphynx Dwelf cats … Read more

Discovering the Snowshoe Siamese

a photo of a snowshoe cat with a collar resting on a fluffy white carpet

Snowshoe cats are excellent pets for various reasons, ranging from their endearing personality quirks to their distinct physical characteristics. There’s more to these friendly felines than meets the eye, aside from being known for their distinctive markings, piercing blue eyes, and lovable personalities. What exactly is a Snowshoe cat? Do they like … Read more

Top Nine Smallest Cat Breeds

Adorable blue-eyed kittens.

Dwarf, miniature, and teacup cats are the three types of small breed cats. There are subtle differences between them, but they all share the trait of being extremely small when fully grown. People looking for miniature cats should be aware that not all small cats are true miniatures. Cats typically range in … Read more

A Cat’s Eye Color and its Rarity

Flash photography effect in blue eye, but not in the yellow eye of an odd-eyed cat

The most uncommon cat eye color is hazel or orange. Cats have low melanin levels in their eyes, allowing them to have light-colored eyes. Because of the high levels of melanin in their eyes, feral cats and cats like the Scottish Fold tend to have these eye colors. The pupils of a … Read more

8 Cat Breeds with Big Distinctive Eyes

A two-weeks old baby Sphynx kitten

One of the tiniest felines also has the largest eyes of any cat breed. The Singapura is The International Cat Association’s (TICA) smallest registered cat breed, having originated on the streets of Singapore. It is best known for its expressive, large eyes and affectionate, playful personality. Cats’ pupils change size and shape … Read more

Cats That Act Like Dogs

White Birman cat running in the grassland

There are some domestic cats whose behavioral tendencies are akin to those of dogs or puppies. They have puppy-like playfulness, the desire to follow you around wherever you go, their weakness for physical affection, and unusually social behavior. And some cat breeds even love being in the water! If you are a … Read more

All About the Most Expensive Cat Breeds in the World

A close-up image of a 4-month-old Savannah cat.

Since the time people started keeping animals as pets, there have been some that are attracted to the notion of owning exotic animals most people might never have even seen. This desire can manifest in either of two ways, if not both; owning dangerous animals most people have seen in zoos but … Read more