Cats That Act Like Dogs

There are some domestic cats whose behavioral tendencies are akin to those of dogs or puppies. They have puppy-like playfulness, the desire to follow you around wherever you go, their weakness for physical affection, and unusually social behavior. And some cat breeds even love being in the water!

If you are a dog lover but are put off by doggie allergies or your small apartment space may have kept you from owning one, you could be just as happy as owning a pet feline that acts more like a canine. You’re going to benefit from the good characteristics of both a dog and a cat.


Abyssinian is one of the best cat breeds for pet owners who are more accustomed to dogs. These lean and elegant-looking felines are also intelligent and social, which means that they are friendly, playful, and easily trained. You can even teach them some tricks, such as fetch. These adoring felines may show off by carrying around their favorite toys for all to see. They love to give and receive affection and crave interaction with their humans and other pets.


Birmans are also known to have dog-like characteristics. If you miss having a dog, the Birman will more than make up for that with their active, energetic, and playful disposition. These cats are extremely sweet and affectionate, and their most favorite part of the day is cuddle time with their humans! They can be also quiet when you’re doing something else.

Birmans are also excellent around other pets and children. As they are typical self-grooming felines, Birmans are low-maintenance pets, so you’ll get the best traits of both a dog and a cat.


These little panthers love to give and receive attention – they are living for it! Bombays are also intelligent, energetic, playful, and amusing, making them the perfect furry companion for those looking for a playful and entertaining pet. As they love being around their humans, Bombays, in general, don’t like to be left alone for an extended period of time. Not only can they be leash-trained, but these cats can also be taught some tricks.


Burmese make another excellent choice for reluctant cat owners who are more comfortable with dogs. They make some of the most lovable and affectionate pets. Burmese cats are known for their attachment to their owners. They are sweet creatures who love to give and receive affection. Since Burmese cats are known for their dependence on humans, they crave lots of petting and snuggling with them. Burmese cats are also intelligent and entertaining creatures – some of them even are showing off some dog-like retrieving skills!

Maine Coon

Maine Coons are one of the largest domesticated cat breeds. But don’t be intimidated by their size – these felines are actually gentle giants! They have retained some of the natural feline characteristics, such as their independent behavior and hunting skills.

But throughout their lives, Maine Coons are known to have a relaxed and easygoing disposition, thus making them suitable to be around other pets and children. They are also intelligent (thus making them easy to train), affectionate, clownish, and devoted to their owners. While Maine Coons can be wary towards strangers, they are not otherwise mean.

Maine Coons, in general, are known for their life-long fascination with water. They love to play with water and love to swim as well. Their physical characteristics, especially their thick coat, are specially adapted for the water. With these cats’ water-loving traits, you don’t have to put up a struggle in bathing them!


Ragdolls get their name from their peculiar tendency to go limp and relaxed – like toy ragdolls – when picked up. This mannerism typifies their relaxed and easygoing personality. These beautiful cats are sweet, affectionate, curious, intelligent, (they can play fetch!) and gentle. They love to follow you around at your heels and then cuddle with you wherever you land. They also get along well with children and other pets. These characteristics make Ragdolls one of the best lap cats and companion pets.


These felines may lack fur, but they are abundant with intelligence, energy, affection, and loyalty. Sphynx are extroverted fellows who love to follow their humans around, even wagging their tails in a decidedly doggie manner. Just like many dogs, Sphynx like to greet their humans at the door and are also friendly with strangers.

Turkish Angora

These fluffy felines are also one of the domesticated cats with dog-like behavior. They are intelligent and easy-to-train cats – at times, they can even show some basic problem-solving skills!

Turkish Angoras match their beauty and intelligence with their energetic, playful and sociable personality. They like to greet their owners at the door when they arrive at the house. It is not unusual for a Turkish Angora to act as a host of a party or any other gathering, interacting and checking out each guest.