Tips to Deal with Cats and Their Fear of Water

Does everyone know how many cats there hate baths, pools, and oceans? Pretty much any other form of water is known to irritate cats.

If you try to bathe a cat, you can get scratching, biting, and threatening vocalizations in return. We do not blame you if you had to bathe the cat once and swore it was the last time you would ever do it. On the other hand, other experts believe that cats’ fear of water is a stereotype.

Although it looks like the cats fear water, it is a personal preference!

Some cats enjoy swimming in the sink or tub, while others are frightened to put their paws in a puddle.

Have you ever wondered why cats Fear water?  Look at the article below for the reason and tips to help them get over the fear of water!

Why Do Cats Fear Water?

One of the main reasons cats are water phobic is that their owners rarely expose them to water when they are kittens. Even if they live like stray cats, they barely clean themselves and get water. Moreover, according to certain studies, cats have acquired a fear of water since some people use water to make them obey them by sprinkling water on their faces.  Imagine being sprayed in the face with water while simply being a cat; you would quickly develop a dislike for it.

However, if your cat lives outside and is only used to rain or water on a limited basis, it will eventually stop needing to dip its feet in a tub, lake, or swimming pool.

Cats are fastidious creatures. You have probably seen that cats groom themselves for hours at a time if you have a cat.

If you try to bathe them, you will remove their natural odor. Bathing a cat may make it feel like you are doing extra work. Bathing removes the natural odor the cat will need to re-groom. Cats are notoriously slow to adjust to new situations. 

If cats get provided with a new experience, they may not respond as well as a dog does. They will avoid showering if it is not part of their daily routine. So, if you can get them used to water while they are young, it might not be such a negative experience for them—or you!

Tips to Make their Fear of Water Go Away!

Below are tips on how to get your cat to appreciate (or at the very least handle) water.

1. Use A Damp Cloth 

Take a bathtub and place your cat in it. You can use a damp cloth if your cat is not behaving and keeps getting out of the water. It can get done by placing your cat in a bathtub or sink. 

Is your cat comfortable in a bathtub now? Dampen a towel or cloth with warm water. You can start rubbing them with a damp cloth. It will teach your cat to tolerate water, and once the cat is comfortable with it, you may begin giving it baths. Do the routine more than twice a week and help them get fearless.

2. Use a Bathtub or Sink 

What comes to your mind when you read about using a bathtub, forcing the cat in water? Well, this is not the way. Putting them in a bathtub or sink implies gently submerging them in the water!

If your cat is bothering you and would not stay in it for more than 5 minutes, put their favorite toy in it. Furthermore, keep chatting to them to keep them from thinking about coming out of the tub. Make the time when using a bathtub or the sink enjoyable. Carry on like this for a few days. Throughout the process, use positive reinforcement and provide gifts. Gifts can be their new toy or treats!

After that, try using room temperature water instead of heated water. Begin by introducing it from the bottom up, allowing your cat to feel it on its paws. Pour the water into the cup and observe if their fear of water is still there or not. Continue to keep pouring water if they are calm!

Proceed to rinse it well after shampooing him using cat-safe products. Take your time and speak to it calmly throughout. Wrap it in a soft towel, try to dry off the moisture as much as possible.

3. Play Water Games With Them!

Cats are lovely animals and playful ones. Playing water games with them will help them fight the fear of water. 

Begin by gently tapping the cat with your damp palm. Observe whether the cat is relaxed or frightened. If it jerks off your hand, the fear of water gets detected. Notice if the cat is at ease sprinkle some water over it back with your fingers. Begin slowly working towards its upper body, then pet her with damp hands once more. Repeat it for days

After that, if your cat gets along with you, you can keep playing water games with them. During the bath, you can gently purge the water from the cup by using the hose. Most cat parents are content to let their cats sit on the bathtub’s edge and play in the soap bubbles while the human relaxes in the water.

Make plans to go outside, which involves getting the cat to play or touch the water. It might also be making them visit lakes or streams. Instead of frightening the cats, employ positive reinforcement. Avoid forcing them into the water. Seeing large bodies of water, such as lakes or ponds, may surprise them and trigger their fear of water!

Bottom Line

It is difficult, but not impossible, to get someone to accept what they fear. Cats have a phobia of water imprinted in them from childhood memories, such as water getting sprayed on their faces. You can assist them, however, by playing water games or utilizing alternatives such as damp cloths.

The article makes sure to provide you with all the information regarding the topic. We recommend checking out the best multivitamins for cats!