Benefits of Having a Cat

Getting a pet can be one of the biggest decisions you can make in your life, and it is just as important as well. It is thoroughly recommended that you spend some time thinking long and hard about what kind of pet you want and why. Each animal has a different personality about it, and each one is best suited for different people. Some people own dogs all their life for their undying loyalty, while others love to keep birds for their intelligence and long lives.

So you’ve decided you might be interested in getting yourself a cat. Excellent choice in our opinion, but let us provide reasons for that conclusion. Part of this article will be a discussion about why pets in general are a great idea, while the rest will focus solely on why cats make amazing pets.

Pets Provide Great Companionship

Pets Provide Great Companionship

Before we get down to why cats are an excellent investment, let’s talk about why all pets make for great additions to your family. First off, and this is a big one, pets are great companions. Many people find that they are more comfortable around animals than they are around people, and so pets are a no-brainer for them. Having someone that is always present at home for you to interact with is a great boost to your mood.

Pets are also much less judgmental than other people. Your pet won’t reprimand you if you make mistakes, and will quietly stay by your side as you let loose about everything that has been bothering you as of late. Also, most pets love to cuddle next to their owners. And if not cuddling, almost every pet at least loves to be petted. Having this level of love and companionship be ever present at home is nothing short of God tier.

Cats are Excellent Pets If You Don’t Want to Be Bothered Too Much

Cats are Excellent Pets If You Don’t Want to Be Bothered Too Much

It may go slightly counter intuitive to our talk of companionship above, but this can be the point that sells you on a cat. As much as we love dogs, we have to admit they’re not for everyone. And we’re not talking about their looks, as there are so many different breeds you will definitely find one you like the look of. What we mean is that dogs are just too needy for some people to handle.

Sure, most people love having a pet at home that gets super excited at just seeing them come home, but some folks out there are just introverted and not so social. These people, and you might very well be one of them, simply don’t want to have to deal with giving their pet attention every minute they’re home. For some, this is just as mentally draining as being at work. For people like this, cats are the perfect answer.

Even birds are extremely needy; constantly screeching for attention. A cat on the other hand, will quietly go about its day without paying you much heed. That’s not to say that your cat won’t care about you, it just means that a cat’s whole day doesn’t revolve solely around you. Whenever your cat feels like it, it’ll come to you by itself for some attention. For quiet people, a cat is the perfect pet to have. They’ll grow accustomed to each other’s presence, and will often spend moments together in complete silence, the cat purring in contentment and you drinking a cup of coffee while reading a book.

Cats are Just Adorable

Ok, this isn’t really a solid point that stands up to much scrutiny, so we’ll keep it short. Yes, puppies and parakeets are also extremely adorable, and we’re not denying that. All we’re saying is, some people will just naturally find cats and their behaviors much more endearing than any other animal. Watching this miniature predator pounce on toys and spend hours on a window sill licking itself is so heartwarming you’ll often find yourself cooing at it and talking in a baby voice. Some people’s brains just short circuit when they see a cat doing cat things, and what more could you ask for in a pet.

Cats’ Calm Demeanor Relaxes You and Their Purring Heals You

Having a cat around has been proven to help people unwind and relax. Your feline companion can also reduce anxiety levels by simple being its usual self. Cats, and their reserved and calm personalities, have been shown to pass on this effect to their owners as well. Because cats don’t intrude on your day too much but are always there to appreciate a pat on the head or a kiss on the forehead, you’ll feel better because of those short sessions of petting.

And if your cat is the type that likes to sleep beside you, you’ll find that your sleeps are much more relaxed and refreshing than ever before. A cat as a sleeping buddy is one of the greatest things to ever happen to anyone, and you should cherish it immensely. Furthermore, amazingly it seems as if a cat’s purring actually helps you heal. Apparently, the frequencies of a cat’s purring are just in the right range that helps speed up healing in humans, both physically and emotionally. Who doesn’t want a mobile furry first aid kit around the house?

And if all that wasn’t enough, owning a cat can be so relaxing that studies show it actually reduces your risk of heart problems by almost an astounding 30%. Cats are brilliant pets aren’t they? Also, much like a dog or a bird, your cat will always be there for you if you’re feeling down. Animals are so much smarter than we usually give them credit for. Cats are very adept at recognizing emotions and will often come by to provide emotional support by just being there or licking you gently as you cry or vent about your problems.

Cats Also Reduce the Chances of You Being Allergic

Cats Also Reduce the Chances of You Being Allergic

Studies have shown that being exposed to pets frequently helps you build immunity against common allergies. Dust allergies and other similar allergies are very often greatly reduced or even completely eliminated by owning a pet. Also, ironically, owning a cat can actually get rid of your cat allergy. In some cases, it has been observed that people who lived with cats their whole lives without any problems, would contract allergies to cats when they’d move away and not be around cats for some time. But please don’t get a cat if you already have an allergic reaction to them.


In the end of course, the choice of which pet to get is entirely up to you. We just hope we’ve provided a compelling argument for settling for a cat. There are so many poor kitties out there without a home or a loving owner, and it would cheer us up to no end if we could have helped, however slightly, in getting one adopted by a loving home and family.