The Loyal and Pleasant Mekong Bobtail Cat

Named after the river that flows through four Asian countries, the Mekong Bobtail is a short-tailed cat with a colorpoint coat and striking blue eyes. It is a naturally occurring breed but has soon been developed as an experimental breed. This kitty boasts a pleasant, well-balanced personality. And as an ideal family pet, it thrives in human companionship and builds strong, long-lasting bonds with its loving owners.

Origin of the Mekong Bobtail Cat

The Mekong Bobtail traces its roots in Thailand and is believed to have descended from the Siamese cat. Its name was derived from the country’s Mekong River, but the breed also flourishes in other Asian nations, such as China, Iraq, Iran, Laos, Vietnam, Mongolia, and Cambodia.

Soon, these lovely kitties reached Russia in the latter part of the 19th century after Thailand’s King Rama V gifted them to Russia’s Tsar Nicholas II. Since then, the Mekong Bobtail became well-loved in Russia, where it was further developed.

The breed then established its presence in other countries starting in the 1980s, and in 2004, the Mekong Bobtail cat was recognized by the World Cat Federation (WCF).

Physical Characteristics of the Mekong Bobtail Cat

Height: 7 to 9 inches

Weight: 8 to 10 pounds

Life Expectancy: 15-18 years

Coat Color: Colorpoint, such as seal point, tabby point, blue point, lilac point, chocolate point, lynx point, and tortie point

Type of Coat: Short, Glossy

Eye Color: Blue

The Mekong Bobtail cat is an elegant, fairish-sized feline with a slender and athletic build. It is somewhat similar to the Siamese in appearance, with a modified wedge-shaped head, medium-sized ears, and blue almond-shaped eyes. Hind legs are relatively longer than the front legs, giving this kitty a hunched look. The coat is short, glossy, and close-lying, almost lacking an undercoat. The short tail is the most recognizable feature of the breed, which varies in length, kinks, and curves, but never gets longer than a quarter of its body length.

Mekong Bobtail Cat Personality

Mekong Bobtails are sociable and friendly kitties that love to be near their families at every opportunity. They want to display their affection and are renowned for establishing deep connections with the humans in their lives. Often compared to dogs due to their loyalty, expect these cats to follow their owners anywhere around the house.

These cats flourish in busier households where lots of activities are going on and where they can be active participants. They are also brilliant and curious, making them easy to train how to walk on a leash or grasp a few tricks. However, Mekong Bobtails cats can quickly become bored and may suffer from anxiety if left alone in the house for extended periods of the day.

With that, it is best to give these cats lots of playtime and attention. Mekong Bobtails are agile and athletic and will be happy to spring, climb, and play to consume its decent amount of energy. Fortunately, these kitties are very amiable and accepting of children, canine companions, and other pets. They will enjoy being around them and engage in some play sessions.

With its Siamese ancestry, owners should be prepared as these cats can be talkative. But, while they are vocal, they are neither noisy nor annoying, making them fun to have around in any home.

Caring for the Mekong Bobtail

Mekong Bobtail cats are relatively easy to care for. As a short-haired breed, weekly brushing is enough to remove dead hair and debris and keep their coat healthy.

Other parts of their grooming routine involved basic care. Eyes and ears should be wiped using a damp cloth to remove any dirt build-up. Nails must be trimmed every couple of weeks or when necessary. Then, teeth should also be brushed weekly to avoid periodontal disease.

Grooming sessions can be an excellent way to bond with these kitties. Acquainting them with these upkeeps at a young age can help them be more accepting and make it fun for both ends.

With a moderate energy level, adding a cat tree, scratching post, and interactive toys can help them be physically stimulated. These cats also have good jumping and climbing abilities. So, it is best to ensure the stability of perches and other high points in the house for their safety.

In terms of health, Mekong Bobtails are considered to be sturdy and have a strong immune system. No known breed-related genetic health issues are affecting this cat. However, as with all other breeds, regular veterinary check-ups can help detect or prevent any health issues.

While they are not as popular as other breeds, the Mekong Bobtail cats indeed have many positive traits to brag about. Seemingly having a dog’s soul, these kitties are friendly, intelligent, loyal – perfect for any family looking for a cat that can add color to their homes.