Short-haired Cat Breeds

If you love cats but not their long fur, don’t fret! There’s a long list of short-haired cat breeds around the world that will most likely save you time from grooming and in sweeping or vacuuming the house.

Little fur doesn’t mean less glamor and affection as these short-haired breeds are also as stunning and loving as their long-haired counterparts. So, if you’ve decided to raise a short-haired cat, read below and discover the cat breeds with short hair that can be your ideal feline companion.

1. Abyssinian

While it is one of the oldest cat breeds, the Abyssinians’ personality and appeal are always fresh. Tracing its roots from Ethiopia, these felines are known for their distinctly ticked coat, short and tight-lying to their skin, giving it its elegant appearance. Then, lithe, athletic, eager, and lively, the Abyssinians are fun additions to any home.

2. American Shorthair

As the breed’s name suggests, the American Shorthair has a short, dense, and thick coat, available in different colors, shadings, and streaks. These cats were initially prized for their mousing skills but soon became a staple in many American homes, thanks to its balanced, mellow nature and affectionate personality.

3. Siamese

Fondly called the ‘Meezers’ due to their highly chatty behavior, the Siamese cats are elegant, sociable, and loving cats that always want to engage with their humans. Their short coat comes in five colorpoint combinations, all of which are striking and accentuate their tanzanite-blue eyes.

4. Savannah

A hybrid cross between the African Serval and the domestic cat, the resulting Savannah boasts a tall, lean, muscled body with a spotted velvety coat. Highly clever and athletic, they thrive in homes that can match its vigor. In return, expect these felines to return the affection through some warm cuddles after a physically active day.

5. Bombay

Known as the mini Black Panther, the Bombay cat sports a short, tight, and glossy coat, entirely black from head to tail. These cats debunk all myths and superstitions about black cats as they are endearing and light-hearted felines that love their people and always open their wishes.

6. Bengal

Graceful, strong, athletic with a short, spotted, or marbled coat, the Bengal is an elegant cat breed of wildcat descent. They are not for aesthetics, though. These felines are incredibly brilliant, highly trainable, often compared to dogs, catapulting them as one of cat trainers’ dream breeds.

7. Ocicats

While to resemble the wild cats by crossing the Abyssinian, Siamese, and the American Shorthair cats, the Ocicats feral appearance is only a mask. What lies inside are playful, people-loving, and friendly cats that thrive in their beloved humans’ companionship and affection.

8. Tonkinese

Tonks blend the best traits of its parent breeds, the Siamese and the Burmese. So, if you’re looking for a cat with a charming look, sweet temperament, short, silky fur, and innate gracefulness, look no further as the Tonkinese is your best choice.

9. Russian Blue

The Russian Blue is a classic looking cat with an elegant short, silvery-blue to grayish-blue coat and a majestic gaze with its emerald green eyes. Renowned for being quiet and gentle, yet very devoted towards its family, these cats are perfect for people looking for an introverted cat to have as their feline companion.

10. Oriental

If these cats look familiar, well, it’s because they are related to the Siamese, only different from it by having a non-pointed coat. In terms of personality, the Oriental is as intelligent, vocal, sociable, and passionate as its famous cousins.

11. Cornish Rex

Deemed as the “greyhound” of the cat fancy, the Cornish Rex is a native of Cornwall of England, renowned for its short, but unusual, curly coat. While these cats may look odd, they are very jolly and active cats with an innate sense of humor well-balanced to their desire for love and attention.

12. Chausie

Chausies indeed look like a cougar or a mountain lion but possess the traits of a domestic cat. Despite their intimidating size, they are affectionate and loyal cats that build strong connections with their families. However, they have a high energy level that can last a whole day. If you’re looking for an active and athletic cat to add to your home, the Chausie is the right choice for you.

13. Exotic Shorthair

Known as the “Lazy Man’s Persian,” the Exotic Shorthairs boast the same docile, sweet, and endearing personality of the Persian cat but sans its long, silky fur. These cats are ideal for those looking for a distinctive looking cat that requires less grooming upkeeps and still capable of showing veritable affection.

14. British Shorthair

As easy-going and placid cats, the British Shorthairs are a popular choice for a one-person household. They are quiet, reserved cats that don’t need hourly attention. If they are in the mood, they’ll bring toys to their favorite human. Otherwise, they’ll be happy to play by themselves or simply sit beside their owners. But while they are mellow in nature, be sure to give him some good strokes or rubs every once in a while, which they will surely appreciate.

15. Devon Rex

While dubbed with so many nicknames due to its odd-appearance, the Devon Rex is a little clown hiding that entertains families with its charming, playful antics. These cats have a short, wavy coat, large oval-shaped eyes, and big bat-like ears, catching many peoples’ interests at first glance. However, what their owners truly love about these cats are their exuberance and adorable personality, adding color to their homes.

16. Egyptian Mau

One of the oldest cat breeds in existence that shares a history with the Pharaohs, the Egyptian Mau is the only domestic cat with a naturally occurring spotted coat. Boasting grace and expressiveness, some people might find them intimidating, but they are from such. Beyond their appearance lies fun-loving and intelligent, somewhat territorial and rarely mischievous, but loyal felines that would make an ideal family companion.

17. Korat

A symbol of good luck and prosperity in its homeland, the Korat cat is a compact, muscular cat with a short-bluish gray coat and emerald-green eyes. Often mistaken for the Russian Blue cat, Korats are more related to Siamese, intelligent, sweet though calmer and less vocal but are still ready to voice out their insights if they have to.

18. Pixie-bob

Pixie-bobs are believed to be naturally occurring bobcat hybrids. But while they have a rugged appearance, these middle-active, short-haired cats are wholly domestic, easy-going, and loyal, thriving in human companionship and are happy and content to engage in laid back sessions with their beloved families.

19. Singapura

Don’t underestimate these cats, given that they are one of the smallest cat breeds in the world. These felines are out to prove that they are more than just their size with their huge personality. These short-haired Asian cats are active, curious, and loving cats that always deem to be the center of attention. Just provide them the affection they yearn for, and you’ll get an adorable bed warmer and lap cat to keep you company at all times.

20. Toyger

A relatively new breed, the Toyger is a cat bred to resemble and raise awareness about the big jungle cats. These miniature tigers sport the same short, plush striped coat but not their instincts. In fact, these Toygers are more like dogs, possessing the same loyalty, friendliness, and sociability. Also, they are athletic and muscular yet highly adaptable and loving to their families.

21. Mekong Bobtail

Mekong Bobtails are comparable to the short-haired Siamese but are easily recognized through their little, fluffy pom pom-like tail. These cats have an easy and amiable temperament, making them ideal family pets, add their playful and talkative side, and they are guaranteed pleasers.

22. Burmese

Originating from Myanmar, the Burmese cats are deemed to “bricks wrapped in silk” due to their soft, short coat, perfectly lying on its compact and stocky build. Like their Siamese cousins, these cats have sheer determination, wanting to be by their families’ side every opportunity they can. These cats are like feline shadows, but you’ll always choose to have them around, given their innate lovable demeanor and natural charm.

23. Australian Mist

Hailing from Australia, the Australian Mist is a cat specifically developed to deter away from the outdoors and serve as companions for children and the elderly. This short-haired cat breed is even-tempered, very adaptable and tolerant, and not inclined to be aggressive, perfect for those looking for a cat to have as their long-time feline homebody.

24. Khao Manee

Called the “White Gem” of Thailand, the Khao Manee is not only valued for its aristocratic roots but also for its outgoing and energetic personality. Highly playful and gregarious, Khao Manees makes a fantastic fit for families with children and other pets, as these would be the ones to engage them and begin the playtime session. They flourish in busy and active households that would have someone to accompany them at all times.

25. California Spangled

Athletic, energetic, yet very affectionate, the California Spangled is specifically developed to be a miniature leopard. They are excellent family cats that can show tons of affections. However, they need to have a spacious place where they can consume their vigor and be physically satisfied. If you have what it takes to have them, these felines will reward you with their regality and big heart.

26. Sokoke

The Sokoke is an old, short-haired cat breed that originated from Kenya’s Arabuko Sokoke Forest, in which it got its name. Swift, energetic, and agile, these cats need a lot of exercise and space to fare well. Once satisfied, their intelligence, loyalty, and enthusiastic personality shine – you can expect them to make training a breeze and build strong connections with their loving families.

27. Chinese Li-Hua

Deemed as one of the earliest domestic feline breeds, the Chinese Li Hua, also called the “Fox Flower Cat” or the Dragon Li, are believed to have existed for many centuries. Initially loved for their ratting ability, these cats now serve as excellent family pets, especially with kids, and are revered for their loyalty, playfulness, intelligence, and gentle demeanor.

28. Serengeti

Sporting a short, smooth, and sleek coat, accentuated by its nobility and exotic looks, the Serengeti cat is a successful product of crossing the Oriental and the Bengal cats. These felines are renowned for being loyal and affectionate, active and agile, but less “wild” than the Savannah, communicative like the Siamese, earning them a reputation as all-around companions.

Final Words

There are other short-haired breeds but also comes in medium or long varieties, such as the American Curl, American Bobtail, American Wirehair, Burmilla, Havana Brown, Japanese Bobtail, Kurilian Bobtail, Manx, Munchkin, and the Snowshoe cat. On the other hand, the Lykoi is short-haired cat breed with a bristly fur but can also be hairless.

But while the length of their fur is indeed a consideration to take when considering the type of cat to welcome in your family, make sure also to assess the cat’s personality and needs. With extra research and time, you will be able to find the best cat breed to fit you and your loving home.