Most Trainable Cat Breeds

Not many people believe that cats can be trained, as they are often viewed as independent creatures that prefer to have everything their way. However, you might be surprised that these felines can actually learn tricks, walk on a leash, or use the toilet instead of the litter box.

Don’t get us wrong. It’s not that all cats are easy to train, though. Some cats have an easygoing side, while others are more interested to learn and display their wit. If you’re looking for a cat that you can teach to impress your friends and family, discover these cat breeds known for their smarts and trainability!

1) Abyssinian

Abyssinian cats are renowned for their intelligence, playfulness, and friendly personality. They yearn for human interaction and are happiest when they are physically and mentally stimulated. Adding their high level of energy and curiosity, they can quickly grasp tricks or the games of fetch. Learning how to walk on a leash or harness would also be a breeze for these kitties. Plus, they’ll enjoy the activity. These cats adore greeting people, making them great star entertainers.

2) Bengal

Bengals are sharply intelligent, curious, and active cats, given their wildcat ancestry. All those traits make a perfect combo as they can quickly learn things that their owners’ wish. They enjoy one-on-one training sessions and learning tricks and new behaviors swiftly. Be ready, though. As they are also adept in acquiring skills their families hope these cats didn’t, such as turning on the kitchen faucet, snatching a fish from the aquarium, or surveying cabinets for something they can turn into toys. Nevertheless, these cats are one of most trainers’ dream breeds.

3) Savannah

Another breed that boasts a wild side is the Savannah cat. These cats are brimming with smarts and athleticism and are always in need of exercise and play sessions to keep them stimulated. This serves as an opportunity to train and teach new activities and behavior that will challenge both their minds and acrobatic skills. Savannah cats also have a humorous streak. Expect to see them pushing things off the shelves or run into the bathtub to play with water. In exchange, they’d be happy to sleep beside their owners for some warm snuggles at the end of the day.

4) Siamese

Siamese cats are a highly sociable breed that relishes human companionship and becomes deeply attached to their human families. They are a people-pleaser that would love to engage with their owners, even on training sessions. Plus, they are smart and inquisitive. Learning new skills won’t disdain these cats. However, Siamese cats are highly vocal. It wouldn’t be surprising seeing these cats learn to talk to their owners first and tell everything they want.

5) American Shorthair

American Shorthairs’ personality is what makes them a very trainable breed. They are adaptable, tolerant, laidback, patient, and smart. These cats lend their time to training, learning, and following their master’s requests. With positive reinforcement, American Shorthairs can be quick learners. Teaching them how to use the litter box, pick up house rules, or refrain from scratching furniture will be a breeze for their families.

6) Maine Coon

Maine Coons size is fascinating, but their pleasant demeanor, adaptability, and trainability as well. These gentle giants love and are always eager to please their human families. Such disposition allows these felines to absorb whatever their masters teach them. Maine Coons are also incredible hunters. If you’re fond of the game of fetch, they’d be happy to chase toys or retrieve them to display their skills. Fortunately, these felines are not “lap cats” and prefer to stay on the ground. There’s no need to teach them not to crush you with their weight.

7) Turkish Van

Turkish Vans are loving and loyal cats with high intelligence and curiosity. All those traits create a perfect combo of a very trainable breed! These cats form strong bonds with their people, making it easier to train them as they will quickly oblige. They have a big heart of water, though. Turkish Vans would love to swim in the pool or turn the kitchen sink into one. Plus, they have an odd sense of humor. These cats enjoy knocking things over, so no fragile items should be left within their reach.

8) Ocicat

Despite its feral appearance, the Ocicat is far from being wild. In fact, these cats are playful and people-oriented and thrive in human companionship. Blessed with high intelligence, they will be happy to engage with their families in training and learn whatever tricks or rules they wish. If you want a travel companion, they won’t have any issues learning to ride your RV, car, or even a boat. Ocicats are adventurous and cheery cats that would love to face new things along their way.

9) Somali

As with its shorthaired sibling, you know what to expect with the Somali cat. They are as intelligent, curious, animated, and athletic as the Abyssinian cats. Using all those characteristics properly, there’s a long list of activities these cats can learn and do, even some few mischiefs here and there.

10) Burmese

Known for their dog-like personality, Burmese cats are brimming with affection, brilliance, and playfulness. These are cats that would love to be by their families’ side, making it easier to stimulate their intellect. They won’t deter from learning new tricks or house rules as long as they get their humans’ attention. Dealing with children, dogs, and other pets are also a non-issue for them, proving their intelligence.


Those are the cat breeds renowned for their trainability. But while it’s great to have a cat you can quickly teach tricks, rules or commands, it shouldn’t be the lone factor in deciding which cat you should get. Remember that you also need to assess her personality and needs. Getting a cat means taking care and being responsible for her lifetime. Make sure to get a feline companion that would suit you and your lifestyle.