Long-haired Cat Breeds

Cats’ coats come in all colors, forms and lengths. But, what do Persians, Maine Coons, and Ragdolls all have in common? Their bushy beauty, and luxurious long, silky hair, of course! If you have a soft spot for lush, fluffy kitties and willing to pay them tribute by fulfilling their extra grooming needs, check out this round up of the long-haired breeds of the feline world.

1. Maine Coon

Maine Coons are one of the largest domesticated cat breeds, renowned for their loving and pleasant demeanor, earning them the title as the “gentle giants” of the cat fancy. Yet, they are not all that as these felines boast an elegant, extremely dense, water-resistant coat, plus tufted paws and thick tails. All are not for aesthetics though – as it once helped them survive the cold winters of Europe. In general, Maine Coons have a personality as big as their size that is sure to bring laughs and cuddles.

2. Norwegian Forest Cat

Simply called the “Wegies,” the Norwegian Forest Cats are believed to have originated during the Viking era in which their long, double coat allowed them to withstand the frigid Scandinavian lands. Though they appear as outdoorsy, they love to stick inside their homes and be with their owners around the house. Their laid-back and sweet personality makes them fun to have around while their sweet face, tufted paws and ears, and plumed tail surely add to their charm.

3. Ragamuffin

Wanting a long-haired lap cat? The Ragamuffins is your best bet! These extremely bushy cats are most adored for their docile and cuddly nature, often wanting to be held like a baby. Unlike other long-haired breeds, they are also fairly a low-maintenance cat as their lush long coat does not easily clump or mat. Less grooming needs, yet never surely never lacking of affection!

4. Ragdoll

Ragdolls aren’t called as such for nothing. As their name implies, these elegant, long-haired felines relished being carried like a doll, often relaxing with pleasure in the arms of their loving owners. With a gorgeous plush coat, adorable facial features, and calm and trusting personality, these sweethearts make a great addition to any home.

5. Persian

Persian cats are arguably the most renowned long-haired cat breed, and the first one to pop in anyone’s head when thinking of extremely plush kitties. Best known for their smushed faces, expressive eyes, and gorgeous coat, these cats are more than what meets the eyes. They have a calm and generally inactive nature yet are very sweet and affectionate towards their family. Anyone would love their low-maintenance lifestyle. However, they come with high grooming needs, that’s all worth it to fulfill for these exquisite and loving felines.

6. Siberian

If you think a double coat isn’t quite cool yet, why not go for the Siberian cat’s triple coat? Originating from the Siberian taiga, their three-layer resilient and insulated coat allowed these cats to survive chilly and harsh weather. Now, their engaging, frisky, bold and loving personality entices many owners, proving these long-haired felines are capable of bringing warmth to their families.

7. Somali

Somali cats are long-haired counterparts of the Abyssianian cats, possessing the looks of a wild fox with her tufted ears, plush tail, and extremely shaggy coat. Like their cousins, these cats are blessed with confidence, brilliance, energy and big heart for play, ideal for owners looking for an entertaining and animated feline pal.

8. Himalayan

A cross between the Persian and the Siamese cats, these Himalayan cats get the best of their progenitors’ worlds, having the physique and long, silky, gorgeous coat of the Persian, and the stunning blue eyes and unique markings of the Siamese. Plus, they’re less vocal than the Siamese, but more energetic than the Persian, creating the balance that make the “Himmies” excellent family pets.

9. Birman

Birman cats are renowned for their sweetness and clingy nature. Have them inside your home and you’ll have an instant buddy when lounge on the couch or do household chores. Aside from being irresistible, they also have long, elegant coats, which are surprisingly  low-maintenance – ideal if you wish to have an affectionate long-haired cat sans the extra grooming needs.

10. Balinese

Brought by a genetic mutation from the Siamese cats, the Balinese cats are the long-haired counterpart of the Siamese, that possess the same vocal and people-oriented personality. They have a fine, silky long fur accentuated by striking sapphire blue eyes, making them hard to ignore, especially that they appreciate having someone to listen to their monologues.

11. Nebelung

Generally timid and gente, the Nebelung cats are the Russian Blues’ long-haired versions. They possess the same gleaming silky blue fur that flows over their body, plus a densely-plumed tail that sways behind her elegantly. Though they are not gregarious, Nebelung cats are highly-affectionate and build strong, deep bonds with their owners.

12. La Perm

Like their name implies, the LaPerm cats are famous for their curly-coated fur, played up with unique waves, ripples, and ringlets, giving a conspicuous look. In addition to their marvelous coat, these cats, who also have short-haired counterparts, are well-loved for their gentle and affectionate, and playful personality.

13. Turkish Van

Turkish Vans has a semi-long coat, characterized by downy soft, water-resistant fur, matching their innate preference for water and swimming. If you don’t have any issues having a feline pal to join you in the shower or in washing the dishes, get a Turkish Van and this breed will reward you with her loyalty and affection.

14. Turkish Angora

Often mistaken for snow weasel, the Turkish Angoras have a medium to long, silky, coat, pointed ears, and extremely plushy tail. These cats are prone to heterochromia or having odd-eyes that stand-outs with their well-loved lustrous white fur. However, as Turkish Angoras continue to rise in popularity, other coat colors and patterns are now starting to become vogue.

15. Selkirk Rex

Though the breed’s coat comes in varying lengths, the long-haired version of the Selkirk Rex is undeniably adorable with its wooly appearance. While they may look like cats that only had a bad hair day, their coarse and unkempt fur is naturally-occuring, giving them a unique and irresistible appeal. Add their cheery and snuggly personality, these Selkirk Rex cats are hard not to love.

16. Chantilly-Tiffany

Getting its name from a dessert, the Chantilly-Tiffany cats enliven it with its medium to long chocolate fur. Plus, they are also sweet, modest, and loving, preferring to be with their owner all the time, and using distinct sounds from mewls to chirps to ask for snuggles or some playtime.


Other cat breeds such as the American Curl, American Wirehair, American Bobtail,  Burmilla, Kurilian Bobtail, Pixie-Bob, Japanese Bobtail, Manx, Munchkin, Havana Brown, Scottish Fold, and the Snowshoe cat though known for being short-haired also have medium to longhaired varieties. Nevertheless, all cats are charming animals that make happy companions to any loving home. While it is good to consider the length of their coat and appearance, remember that getting a cat entails a longtime commitment and responsibility. Never miss to evaluate the breed’s personality and lifestyle and see if it yours as well. With that, you get to ensure that you’ll get your ideal feline pal.