The Loyal and Pleasant Mekong Bobtail Cat

Named after the river that flows through four Asian countries, the Mekong Bobtail is a short-tailed cat with a colorpoint coat and striking blue eyes. It is a naturally occurring breed but has soon been developed as an experimental breed. This kitty boasts a pleasant, well-balanced personality. And as an ideal family … Read more

The Bold and Engaging Snowshoe Cat

8-month old Snowshoe kitten

Combining the Siamese cat’s vocal personality and the American Shorthair, the Snowshoe cat is a bold but sweet-natured feline, named after its “snow boot” paws. It retains the Siamese’s bright blue eyes and the short-haired quality of American Shorthair, but with distinctive fur markings. A terrific companion, this cat perfect for families … Read more

The Refined and Talkative Javanese Cat

A Blue point Javanese cat

Exhibiting a slender body and a fine, silky medium-length coat, the Javanese cat is a beautiful feline to behold. It is graceful and elegant, seemingly like the ballerina of the cat variety. Its wedge-shaped head, largish ears, and mostly striking blue eyes display their Siamese ancestry. But, despite its refined look, this … Read more

The Graceful and Verbose Balinese Cat

Renowned as the Siamese‘s longhaired cousin, the Balinese cat is an intelligent, playful, curious feline, with exquisite and elegant beauty. While it shares the same striking colorings, triangular, and lean body with the former, this furball boasts a lovely personality of its own. It is calmer yet still athletic, less chatty but … Read more

The Chatty and Sophisticated Siamese Cat

A local point Siamese cat

Known for their striking points and tanzanite-blue eyes, the Siamese cat is a fairish-sized, slender, and sophisticated cat hailing from Thailand. Also fondly known as “Meezer,” due to overly vocal behavior, this furball has a loud, low-pitched voice often compared to a cry of a human baby. Adding its affectionate, intelligent, and … Read more