The Refined and Talkative Javanese Cat

Exhibiting a slender body and a fine, silky medium-length coat, the Javanese cat is a beautiful feline to behold. It is graceful and elegant, seemingly like the ballerina of the cat variety. Its wedge-shaped head, largish ears, and mostly striking blue eyes display their Siamese ancestry. But, despite its refined look, this cat is playful, active, and very endearing. However, it tends to be loud, but that trait makes this furball a great addition to households looking for a chatty and cuddly companion.

Origin of the Javanese Cat

Essentially, the Javanese cat is the longhaired counterpart of the Siamese cat that sports colorpoint colors. While it may seem like it, these cats did not come from Java, Indonesia, but were given such a name in relation to their close relative – the Balinese cat.

The breed developed from crossing the Balinese and the Colorpoint Shorthair. The latter was then made from breeding the Siamese and the American Shorthair cats. Thus, the resulting Javanese cat resembles the Siamese cat but with a longer coat, and comes in different colorpoint coats.

Initially, the Javanese cat was considered a unique breed, distinguished from the Balinese through their color. Today, both the Cat Fanciers’ Association and The International Cat Association recognized the breed as a Balinese variety, under the umbrella of the Siamese Breed Group.

Physical Characteristics of the Javanese Cat

Length: Small to Medium

Weight: 5 to 10 pounds

Life Expectancy: 10 to 15 years

Coat Color: Cream, Seal, Red, Blue, Lilac, Chocolate

Type of Coat: Mid-length coat

Eye Color: Blue, green

Most Javanese cats’ physical traits can be illustrated as long, from its long, tubular body, svelte legs, and a slender tail. They are fairish-sized and nicely muscled, with a fine boning structure. Hind legs are relatively longer, with small roundish paws. While they are also called as the Oriental Longhair, their coat isn’t actually long but of a medium length. It is fine and silky, with the fur on the tail slightly longer than the body that creates a plume.

Meanwhile, their blue or green eyes are almond-shaped, but either way is deep and vivid. The head is triangular-shaped, with the slightly pointed ears serving as a continuation of the triangle. Lastly, these cats’ fine muzzle and long, straight nose add glamor to this elegant breed.

Javanese Cat Personality

Due to its Siamese and Balinese heritage, the Javanese cats are fond of its people. They are a very loving breed that thrives and craves human companionship. These felines will follow their owners everywhere, jive in every activity they do, or get under their feet. While they love attention, they are less demanding than their Siamese cousins. Nevertheless, they need ample interaction. Leaving them for extended periods makes them prone to depression or mischief.

With their endearing personality, these cats are also friendly. They make great pets for families with children, and they also get along with other cat-friendly pets. In fact, they will flourish with other felines, as they have other furry friends to keep them company.

Brimming with energy and athleticism, Javanese cats have a big heart for play. They relish playtime and will be happy to bond with humans. These felines are good climbers and will be glad to seize cat trees and perches. Adding their innate intelligence, learning tricks, the game of fetch, or walking on a leash should be a breeze for these cats.

However, they have an incredible curiosity streak. These furballs would love to survey their surroundings and leave no nook unexplored. Otherwise, they can be seen mimicking their owners’ actions, such as opening drawers and cabinets or even emptying their purse or wallets.

As with any Siamese-related breed, the Javanese cat is vocal. They are less chatty than their progenitor but will always be avid in telling their owners what happened to their day and air their comments on what they have taken for lunch. These cats are communicative and responsive and will look into their owners’ eyes, hoping to engage them in lengthy conversations.

In general, the Javanese cat has the Siamese’s beautiful demeanor but is less nagging of time and energy. Their strong will to spend time with their families, and join their activities, makes them a great companion for people looking for a talkative yet adorable busybody.

Caring for the Javanese Cat

Javanese cats have a lustrous mid-length single coat, which is void of an undercoat. With that, they are a low-maintenance breed as their coat won’t shed that much. Weekly brushing can suffice in preventing knots and keeping their fur in its tip-top condition. Bathing is rarely necessary, but it may only be needed if they get into a dirt mishap or invited for a cat show.

Other grooming up keeps includes basic care. Nail trimming should be done every couple of weeks. Providing a scratching post can also help keep their nails tidy and their paws healthy. Like other feline breeds, the Javanese cats are vulnerable to periodontal disease. With that, it is best to brush their teeth weekly using vet-approved toothpaste to boost their oral health. Meanwhile, ear and eye cleaning should also be done weekly to remove any dirt build-up and avoid infection.

As a highly gregarious breed, Javanese cats are amenable to live with children and cat-friendly dogs and pets. However, it is still advisable to slowly introduce these felines with other pets under controlled circumstances to ensure that they live harmoniously. On the other hand, children must be taught to treat these furballs with politeness and respect. Any cat that is mistreated may act differently.

In terms of health, the Javanese cats are pretty sturdy. However, their Siamese lineage makes them prone to conditions linked to their progenitors. They can be vulnerable to heart disease and upper respiratory tract infections. Regular consultations with the vet can help spot any health concern early and prevent it from going out of hand. Thus, ensuring that these furballs live a long, healthy life.

Javanese cats are elegant cats that will flourish in homes that can tolerate their presence and vocal personality. These cats are chatty and cuddly, and often want to be involved with whatever their families are doing. They will be happiest in homes that would provide them the interaction and attention they genuinely deserve. In return, these cats are ready to shower with their affection tenfold.