The Bold and Engaging Snowshoe Cat

Combining the Siamese cat’s vocal personality and the American Shorthair, the Snowshoe cat is a bold but sweet-natured feline, named after its “snow boot” paws. It retains the Siamese’s bright blue eyes and the short-haired quality of American Shorthair, but with distinctive fur markings. A terrific companion, this cat perfect for families that can shower them with lots of love and attention. In return, it will be a unique, playful, and intelligent feline that would make life more interesting in any home.

Origin of the Snowshoe Cat

The Snowshoe Cat is a new breed in the cat fancy, with its roots only tracing back to the 1960s. An American breeder, Dorothy Hinds-Daugherty, found three kittens sporting four white paws. The “snowshoe boots” accentuated by the Siamese markings piqued her interest, letting her decide to cross them to a Domestic Shorthair cat. Through time, the cat’s look was developed and gave birth to the modern-day Snowshoe cat. In 1982, the Cat Fanciers’ Federation recognized the breed, followed by The International Cat Association in 1994.

Physical Characteristics of the Snowshoe Cat

Length: Medium to Long

Weight: 7 to 12 pounds

Life Expectancy: 14 to 19 years

Coat Color: White paws, chest, and certain parts of the face, plus a light-colored body with darker ‘points’ on the extremities, such as mask, ears, legs, and tails

Type of Coat: Short to Medium

Eye Color: Bright blue

The Snowshoe cat is a fairish-sized breed that rolls the American Shorthair‘s sturdy body and the nimbleness of the Siamese. It a rounded-triangle head, with large, wide-set pointed ears sitting atop and retains the large, slanting, bright, deep blue eyes of the Siamese. Meanwhile, their coat comes in different varieties, such as seal, blue, chocolate, and lilac points. White color covers nearly one-third of its fur, including its distinct white “snowshoe boots” paws.

Snowshoe Cat Personality

Snowshoe cats may have a “cold name,” but their personality is from being chilly. They maintain a good relationship with every family member, though they may choose one of them as their favorite. Nevertheless, they would still check on everyone, acting as the master of the home, and come with them to show their affection.

As a friendly breed, these cats’ won’t mind being with other felines, dogs, or cat-friendly pets. In fact, they will be happiest to be with their furry friends, as they don’t like being left for extended. Having children in the house won’t also be an issue as Snowshoe cats love having them around.

Given their smarts, learning tricks, courses, the game of fetch, or walking on a leash will be a breeze for the Snowshoes. However, they can also learn things their owners wish these felines didn’t know, such as opening doors and cabinets. As a pretty active breed, they can often be seen climbing high points in the house and surveying their surroundings.

With its Siamese ancestry, the Snowshoes love to talk. Thankfully, they have a soft voice compared to their parents’ loud, grating voice. They will often engage their owners in lengthy conversations, talking about their day, or sharing what they think of the last meal they had. These felines are bold and won’t hesitate to impart whatever idea they have in mind.

Caring for the Snowshoe Cat

Snowshoes cats require minimal upkeep, given their short, single coat. Moreover, they are low-shedders, which is why weekly brushing can suffice in keeping their coat shiny and healthy. Bathing is rarely necessary, and the need to will only arise should they get into a dirty mishap or become smelly.

As an active cat, they thrive in interaction and respond pretty well to activities that will keep their body stimulate. A good variety of toys, cat perches, and a running wheel will be great gifts for these cats.

While they get along well with dogs and cat-friendly pets, it is best to introduce them properly at a young age to ensure that they live harmoniously. Meanwhile, children must be taught to treat them with respect. These furballs would love to play with toddlers, as long as they are not mistreated or mishandled.

Snowshoe cats are generally healthy and have a long lifespan. Aside from common diseases, such as heart and kidney conditions, that also affect other feline breeds, Snowshoe cats tend to be less worrisome in health. Nevertheless, regular consultations with the vet, getting preventative care, and proper nutrition all contribute to their optimum health.

Snowshoe cats are ideal for families looking for a chatty, good-natured, and loving feline to add to their homes. With their engaging personality, once owned, it would be difficult not to have them around.