Cats That Act Like Dogs

White Birman cat running in the grassland

There are some domestic cats whose behavioral tendencies are akin to those of dogs or puppies. They have puppy-like playfulness, the desire to follow you around wherever you go, their weakness for physical affection, and unusually social behavior. And some cat breeds even love being in the water! If you are a … Read more

Popular Cat Breeds That Love to Cuddle

Cat cuddling with dog

When it comes to owning a cat, there are several types and breeds that make for affectionate companions. While there are some types that like to cuddle and give kitty kisses, others tend to be independent and like to do their own thing. For this reason alone, some cats might not be … Read more

Top Cat Breeds around the World

There are millions of domesticated cats all over the world, each of them being beloved members of their respective households. While many cat lovers are content with taking in strays and adopting kittens from their friends’ cats, there are some individuals who prefer to go with a certain breed. Not all cat … Read more