Top Cat Rescue Organizations of USA

All living beings deserve care and protection which includes both humans and animals. On one hand, we have many organizations to care for the well-being of humans but we have very few for the safety of animals. This is one reason why many animals have gone extinct over the past decades. In recent times, due to increased awareness, there are many rescue organizations set up to safeguard the rights of animals. 

What does an Animal Rescue Organization do?

Some animals are kept as pets while others are just stray animals. This includes domestic ones such as cats and dogs. When these domestic animals do not have proper care and shelter in a city, they become stray animals and could go wild as well.  Stray animals could injure themselves too or they can get stuck in different objects such as wires. These animals usually do not have much medical attention as they are just free on their own. 

With these problems and lack of protectionism for animals, different animal rescue organizations usually adopt these stray animals and assist them in their daily lives. One of the many works of an animal rescue group includes finding suitable shelter homes for animals, giving them medicine, training them, solving behavioral problems, and finding potential owners for them as well. Not only do these organizations take up the responsibility of abandoned or unwanted animals but they also respond to a complaint of animal abuse and take protective measures. 

Types of Animal Rescue Organizations in the USA

Animal rescue organizations are of different types all over the USA. Firstly, there are municipal shelters which are houses to keep animals that are no longer wanted by people. They also take care of stray cats, dogs, and other abandoned animals. The expense of these organizations is on behalf of the local governments. 

Secondly, there are no-kill shelters which are privately-owned organizations. These organizations are based on just one motto that any animal that is fit, healthy, could be potentially rescued, and made better in behavior with training should not be killed. On the other hand, any animal that is potentially facing any contingent disease that could be spread to others can be euthanized.

Lastly, there are Non-profit rescue organizations which are yet another privately-owned organizations that are run by donations from different people. These organizations have volunteers to work for animals and these volunteers are not paid for their work. They are also committed to a no-kill policy. These organizations may have a large network of foster homes all over the country. 

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Top Cat Rescue Organizations of USA

Best Friends Animal Society

Best Friends Animal Society is one of the largest networks of rescue organizations working for the betterment of cats and dogs. This group has wide outreach with shelters, smaller rescue groups, and members that are always promoting the adoption of pets. Being a no-kill animal rescue society, you can always provide the data for any stray cat that you consider might be needing any help. 

Up until now, over 63000 cats and dogs have been saved by the organization. Based out of Utah, it has been operational for over 35 years now. The vision of the organization is to keep working unless every cat and dog find a suitable shelter home. It has also been involved in raising awareness against the killing of almost 4 million pets. 

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Each year, 1 million cats and dogs face abuse and torture of which many die due to unbearable pain. For this reason, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) works to save animals from cruelty and take legal action against those who do so. The organization has a mission to provide effective means for preventing cruel behavior with animals all over the US.

Currently, it is one of the largest organizations in the USA with over 1.2 million members. It is also among the oldest ones as it was founded in 1866. ASPCA has been constantly creating awareness for the kind and respectful treatment at the hands of humans. The organization is privately funded and has extended its operations all over the US. If you find a cat that is in need of help, do connect with this cat rescue organization. 

Alley Cat Allies

A rescue organization that is just dedicated to cat protection all over the US is the Alley Cat Allies. Its policies and institutional environment have been designed in the best interest of cats. It is among the top cat rescue organizations in the USA for the fact that it introduced one of the most humane ways of managing stray cats. This is known as the trap-neuter-return method. 

As per this method, the cat is first trapped via a spray and caught. After this, it is ear-tipped for having identification. Lastly, these cats are vaccinated and then released back. If the original location from where it was caught does not seem viable, other appropriate areas near the countryside are considered for releasing the cats. One of the notable contributions of this organization is that it has been spreading awareness regarding the killing of cats in animal shelters as well as making reforms for serving the needs of feral cats in a  better manner.

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Big Cat Rescue

Big Cat Rescue Corporation is also among the top known organizations which specially deal with different exotic cats, rehabilitation of cats, and getting these cats trained out of wild behaviors. The organization dates back to 1995 when it was founded by Don Lewis and Carole Baskin. Being one of the best corporations for dealing with cats, it has received a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator between 2007 and 2017. 

The Big Cat Rescue is funded by donations as well as it sells tickets for small tours at their animal sanctuaries. These could comprise school trips, family trips, or general tourism visits as well. With a large variety of cats including bobcat, caracal, jaguar, leopard, serval, Canada lynx, cougar, and many others, it has emerged as a point of attraction for many people. There have been significant efforts of Big Cat Rescue towards educating the public on cat treatment. 

Four Paws

Four Paws is based in Austria and is working on the principal objective to have a strong, global, and independent voice of animals under humans. The organization is working to deliver legal policies for the protection of animals and improving the rights of pets as well as wild animals being kept in captivity. The organization is also against the farming of animals in Europe and is suggesting a ban on wild animals in circus environments. 

As for cats, it can be considered a suitable corporation because it has saved thousands of cats and protected them from further harm and damage. Improvement in the living conditions of cats and other animals is also a motto of the organization while revealing how these animals are suffering from the torturous behaviors of some human beings. Since 1988, the organization has grown and gained a lot of support from the public. 

Humane Society of the United States

The Humane Society of the United States is also one of the biggest non-profit organizations working in the US for animal welfare. The organization is not only working for the betterment of domestic animals but also for the cruelty that is being done with the wildlife as well as endangered animals as well. The corporation has major awareness and action campaigns for factory farming, puppy mills, fur trade, animal abuse, as well as animal blood sports that have become increasingly common all over the US. 

Founded in 1954 by a four-member group comprising Fred Myers, Helen Jones, Larry Andrews, and Marcia Glaser, the organization has become quite popular with global works via multiple affiliates. The headquarters of this firm is in Washington D.C. Despite being a nonprofit organization, it has been able to raise a large revenue via charity of more than $129 million. This corporation believes in ensuring the best practices policy only and nothing lower than that. It is also among those which has the largest number of volunteers working for it. 


The poor treatment of animals has increased over the past many years. Cats are among the worst-affected ones because they are abandoned, killed, abused, and left to live with disorders rather than being treated with medicine. Fortunately, it’s the helpful organizations like these that help in making life better for them through a series of training, medication, and rehabilitation facilities. If you also get to know any cat that is not getting suitable treatment, let these organizations know and they will be happy to help.