The Brilliant and Lively Tonkinese Cat

Rolling the Burmese and Siamese cats into one brings out the Tonkinese cat. This feline boasts the best of both worlds from its parents’ breeds. It is the perfect companion cat, being social, brilliant, and sweet. It thrives in human attention, playing with its family for long periods, and curling up on their lap to end the day. Adding to her distinct personality is her charming look, characterized by a pointed coat and striking eyes. True enough, the Tonkinese is an embodiment of a cat enthusiast’s dream and adorable addition to many families and homes.

Origin of the Tonkinese Cat

The Tonkinese cat came into existence as cat enthusiasts wanted to combine Siamese and Burmese traits into a single feline. One of which was breeder Jane Barletta who envisioned developing a cat falling between the two breeds body type.

Meanwhile, another breeder from Canada, Margaret Conroy, already crossed the Siamese and the Burmese, and the resulting kittens sport stunning tan coats and aqua blue eyes. The litter’s stature was perfect, giving the bulk from the short and stubby Burmese while getting agility and height from the slender Siamese.

The two breeders collaborated and further developed the breed, leading the modern-day Tonkinese. The breed was first recognized in 1971 in Canada and is now fully accepted in major cat registries.

Physical Characteristics of the Tonkinese Cat

Length: 8 to 12 pounds (Males) 6 to 8 pounds (Females)

Weight: 12 to 15 inches

Life Expectancy: 10 to 16 years

Coat Color: Natural mink, blue mink, platinum mink, champagne mink, platinum solid, blue solid, platinum point, blue point, champagne point,

Type of Coat: Short, fine, and silky

Eye Color: Blue, aqua, yellow-green

Tonkinese cats are striking felines, mainly characterized by their pointed coat, slender limbs, medium-sized ears, and bright almond-shaped eyes. They are a fairish-sized breed, with muscly and hefty bodies. Their coat can be short, fine, and silky, and generally comes in four color categories: the natural, blue, platinum, and champagne tones.

Tonkinese Cat Personality

Tonks, as they are fondly called, are felines perfect for people looking for companionship. These cats are friendly and sweet, making them great family pets. They would love to ride their owners’ shoulders, follow them from room to room, or jive in any of their activities.

As social pets, they long for affection and won’t stop until they get the attention they want. These felines love being with people, and leaving them at home for extended periods is a no-no. If the family is out during the day, it is best to get these furballs companions, such as other cats or dogs, to keep them busy.

With their Siamese ancestry, Tonkinese cats boast both athleticism and brilliance. Expect that they would climb high points in the house, learn new tricks, or quash interactive games breezily. These aren’t full intelligence, though. They can be stubborn, show their silly side, or clown around, bringing entertainment to everyone.

Lastly, Tonkinese cats are not for people looking for quiet, gentle cats. While they don’t possess the same loud and jarring voice their Siamese parent has, Tonks are incredibly talkative. They are also somewhat bossy and won’t be content doing all the chatting – they demand their owners to listen and to respond! Nevertheless, they also have their soft side and would be happiest to sit and claim the laps of their loving families.

Caring for the Tonkinese Cat

The short, soft coat of the Tonkinese cats makes them easy to care for. Weekly brushing can suffice in removing dirt, debris, and dead hair and spreading their skin oil to keep their fur in its superior condition.

As they are at risk for periodontal disease and gingivitis, they should be acquainted with weekly brushing at a young age. Dental treats are also excellent supplements to promote optimum oral health but should never be the only teeth cleaning method.

Other grooming upkeeps they need include regular nail trimming and weekly eye and ear cleaning. For their exercise needs, Tonkinese cats are already extremely active, and all they need would be regular playtime and occasional puzzle toys to stimulate both their body and mind.

In terms of health, Tonkinese cats are generally sturdy but can be prone to feline lower urinary tract disease, inflammatory bowel disease, and liver issues. Proper nutrition and regular consultations with a veterinarian can help maintain their good health and provide them a long life.

Tonkinese cats are ideal for families looking for both an adorable playmate and companion. They are extremely loving and active cats that can be bossy yet also have their soft side but are sure to make any home feel more complete.