Insurance Customized for Your Feline Friend

It is impossible that you have a cat and not provide it with health insurance. Even though there is no federal legislation to enforce pet insurance, cat insurance has been prevalent among pet owners. That is because most cat owners would like their pets’ best fate. And by giving it adequate health insurance, you make sure it lives longer.

However, the most crucial part of insurance has been the customization issues. Every cat is different from others, and the vet insurance plan should cover all particular cases and needs. Today we are going to analyze how you can customize the vet insurance for your cats and what are the things you should be aware of before signing a contract:

1-A Pet Insurance Can Guarantee Coverage

Pet particular insurance has been the first one to offer holistic coverage for cats and other types of domestic animals. People who have previously contracted with different indemnity insurance types have switched to Pet Insurance for multiple reasons. First, they give you free vet visits in clinics that are close to your location. Then it is the only insurance plan that offers you drug therapy without any commission and admittance to acute care vet hospitals in case of emergency. You only need to pay a specific deductible, and you will be free to use all the services.

2-What You Need to Consider Before Buying Cat Insurance

Before buying new cat insurance, you need to consider the insurance company’s reputation. Many people believe that lower premiums are always better. That is not true before you check for what they stand for. Some insurance companies have substantial out-of-pocket payments for people who cannot do so. Other companies can give you higher deductibles or have a specific list of vet clinics you can use. Some other plans can provide you only a limited number of free vet visits and no drug coverage. All these are important to know before you pick your cat insurance plan.

3-Veterinary Plans Necessary for Cat Insurance Coverage

If you want to have your cat secured at all times, you better check the right veterinary cat coverages. Your cat (either male or female) will need some reproduction coverage so that it will not give you many heirs while at your premises. Other cats will also need a working drug plan to cover them when being sick. Check the best for your cat and have it always written.

4-Waiting Period Is an Important Thing to Know

Some insurance plans for cats do impose some waiting period. It means you will not have any coverage for your cat until 30 days pass from the initial signature. That waiting period could severely impact your cat’s health and life expectancy. If you are serious about your cat’s pre-existing conditions, it would be better if you asked your cat insurance company to erase the waiting period clauses from your plan. The best insurance plans are the ones that have clear terms and conditions and help you preserve your cat’s health at all times.

5-The Age Limit of Your Cat

Insurance companies will deny cat insurance to pets who are more than ten years of age. If you are the proud owner of an older cat, you shouldn’t exclude it from insurance plans. Since there is no Medicare for cats, you should extend all coverages till the time of their death. That is the only way to show them your respect and safeguard their rights to palliative care.


People who show affection to their cats always like to buy the best insurance plans for them. Making your cat live in a healthy and safe environment will make it happier and give you lots of entertaining moments with her.