Best Cat Breeds for Apartment Living

If you’re living in an apartment or condo, you’d be happy to hear that having a small space doesn’t deter you from having a feline companion. Cats are amenable to apartment living as long as you provide them with love, attention, playtime, and an enriched environment. Felines are known to be easier to maintain than other pets and will be happy to stay indoors.

However, not all breeds will flourish in such a lifestyle. Others, like the Abysinnians and Bengals, will undoubtedly thrive best in bigger spaces. If you’re wondering which one is best suited for apartment living, look at the list below and consider one of these adorable breeds to be your purr-fect partner.

1. Birman

The Birman cat is a people-oriented and affectionate breed that is highly adaptable to any living environment and won’t require much space. This cat is content to be where its owners are, following them around the apartment or curl in their lap. But, it is not demanding and will respect its favorite humans’ time. When its family is no longer busy, the Birman will be there waiting for some good snuggles. In general, the Birman cat has an easy-to-handle personality that doesn’t mind living in small homes but is capable of providing veritable amounts of affection.

2. Russian Blue

Known for its gentle and quiet personality, the Russian Blue cat will have no problems living in apartments. This cat sports a reserved nature and moderate activity level, which is why it won’t need a lot of space. It will be happy to spend its time lying in a sunny spot or resting in its private nooks. Otherwise, it will climb on high perches, keenly observing what’s happening around. These don’t mean that it isn’t an affectionate cat. In fact, the Russian Blue cat is a sweet-tempered and loyal feline that can be anyone’s greatest pal.

3. Maine Coon

Don’t be fooled by its size. While the Maine Coon may be the largest domestic cat breed in the world, it is also one of the gentlest feline companions a person can have. It boasts a sweet and pleasant nature that makes it a great family cat, but will also do well living in a cat-friendly apartment. Despite its immense size, the elegant Maine Coon cat won’t need large spaces and will just be happy to relax with their favorite humans after some ample playtime.

4. British Shorthair

The British Shorthair’s personality lies in the middle of everything. While it has its burst of energy, it has its laidback and quieter side, preferring to lounge over than play. It is friendly and affectionate but dignified enough not to demand its favorite human’s attention. Intelligent but won’t resort to opening your apartment cabinets to show their smarts. Add all that, this cat’s mellow nature perfectly befits the easy-going lifestyle in an apartment setting.

5. Persian

A mainstay of many family homes, the Persian cat will also flourish in an apartment setting. This cat has a sweet and docile temperament, and values relaxation. It appreciates ample playtime but won’t be running, climbing, or jumping around all the time. Instead, it enjoys being held, curling up on their owner’s lap, or lying on any soft surface around. Once provided with the love it deserves, it will be happy to return the affection a tenfold.

6. Ragdoll

Having a calm and pleasant personality, moderate energy level, and charming looks, the Ragdoll cat is one of the most ideal apartment feline dwellers. It is a trusting breed that finds enjoyment following its owners around the apartment and asking its family members to have her sit on their lap or lie on their feet. It flourishes in human companionship, and makes a terrific pet for those looking for a plushy and affectionate companion to brighten up their small living spaces.

7. American Shorthair

The American Shorthair is a well-loved breed due to its mellow, easy-going, and affectionate demeanor. Plus, it is sturdy and adaptable. Thus, it will do well in apartment settings as long as it receives the love it deserves. The American Shorthair will enjoy lounging sessions but will also be happy to engage in some playtime. It is not too showy of affection, but not detached. Lastly, it relishes its independence. So, living in an apartment won’t be a concern as it knows how to amuse itself without intervening with its families’ activities.


The listed cat breeds prove that apartment dwellers can also enjoy the unsurmountable joy of cat ownership. Just be sure to provide their needs, create many vertical spaces to maximize the space, add interactive toys, and allot private nooks where they can spend some personal time. With that, they will be happiest and will flourish to be the perfect feline companions.