Why Do Cats Like Abandoned Places

Cats running around a vacant building or a dark alley get depicted in movies and cartoons. The energetic cats are shown looking with their piercing bright eyes in these demonstrations. This insight, however, is not confined to shows. In real life, we’ve seen cats in dark alleys and abandoned areas.

It is because cats like to stay at such places. They feel at ease because that is their natural environment. There are many reasons why felines choose to be in abandoned buildings

1. Cats look for Safe Territory

Humans find abandoned places frightening and hazardous. Dark environments, on the other hand, are a safe territory for cats. Cats are bold and confident animals. They are, however, as much prey as they are predators. Cats like abandoned areas to hide from their predators, such as dogs or coyotes!

They are well aware that they get detected. It helps cats to keep an eye on the intruder by enclosing themselves in the dark. 

Cats get just as nervous as us humans. When cats get afraid, it puts their physical body under stress as well. They can become a nerve-wracking ball. When we feel self-conscious or anxious about ourselves, our first instinct is to hide because it makes us feel safer. Just like that, hiding calms the nerves of a cat. Cats seek such abandoned places as a safe territory

2. Homelessness 

Cats like abandoned places because they see them as their home. Different species get used in specific environments.  

They have suffered from homelessness for long periods and need a comfortable place. When they locate one, they become connected to it, and their homelessness is over.

Cats know how to dominate that area with cleverness. These cats are not the only ones there!

Many other cats are also there along with them. It also gives them a sense of community. 

3. Hunting

Cats are naughty and playful creatures. They love to play around their circle and spook other beings. If you own a cat, you may have observed how your pet hides in unusual places. And not only that, the cat jumps out and latches on your legs like it is a game of spook. These actions are enjoyable to cats. It is also their instinct to play around.

Abandoned places get filled with many animals. Cats enjoy having domination in their little world, which is a forsaken place. Many cats hunt for prey for this joy!

Dark areas allow cats to be hidden and not get seen by anyone. Cats sit around for long periods to look for the victim. If they have found one, they wait and observe their movements. That is how a cat hunts. They inspect, run towards their prey when the time is right, and pounce on them to get them.

4. Night Vision Eyesight

The night vision of a cat is quite different from a human’s. They do not need to be in bright sunlight to be aware of their surroundings. Their eyesight is one of the things that make them confident animals and great predators at night. During the night, they can see the slightest movements even from a long distance. Cat’s eyes get structured with wide pupils, a deeply curvy cornea, and a reflective surface. One of the reasons they link abandoned places is because of this night vision!

Felines vision is blurry and not sharp in the ample daylight as compared to the night. They can not properly observe what they are doing or whether they are in danger. 

5. Active in the Dark

Do you own a cat? Then you have observed that your fur buddy is always playful and active in the dark.

Cats sleep throughout the day or seem lazy because they stay in the same area the whole day. However, as soon as the night rolls around, they are playing and jumping around your house. Many people struggle to keep their cats awake during the day to have fun activities with them. 

Many people try to put their cat through as much movement as they can. The purpose is that they use their energy during the day and sleep throughout the night. 

It is because of the feline’s night vision they are more active in the dark. Cats have a great night vision and can hide away if they feel threatened. They know how to get around that environment. 

6. Cats Avoid Loud Places

 Abandoned places are dark, lonely, and eerily quiet. Felines are scared of loud noises and loud voices that make them nervous. Cats feel threatened by these loud places!

 One of the reasons cats hide out in abandoned places is to escape the loud noises. They like to be in peace with little to no sudden sounds. This way, it calms them and makes them more aware of their surroundings. Without any noise covering the noise of their approaching predator, they can focus on sighting out any danger. 

7. To Avoid Humans

Do you know that creatures are afraid of others? Cats are fearful of humans in the same way as humans are scared of many animals or insects. It is because they do not know what these big humans will do. They are already prey to many predators. Cats get scared that a predator is approaching while you are simply walking down the street. They choose to conceal themselves from the world in their hideout. Cats do not like to be in association with the things or beings they used to. An unknown species approaching them makes them nervous. 

It does not mean that your cat is not fond of you because you are not like them. Many owners complain about their cats acting distant and out of the ordinary. Many people have this assumption that felines do not love their owners as much as other pets. People think that they are mean and prefer to stay in their bubble. However, this is not the case. Felines love their owners as much as other pets. How can an animal not love a person who is taking care of them? 


When cats are born, their mothers live with them and train them for a short period. The mother cat does not live with their babies forever but leaves them after a while. Baby cat has to learn the ropes to live by itself as a stray cat and find its crowd and place that feels like home. They go out to the world with all this stress built up inside of them. 

 Cats do not know where to go and how to find their means of survival. Many animals like cats face trauma and anxiety-like us humans. After going through so much, they are just as scared as we are. They hide as a natural move to save themselves from more pain.

 9.Bottom Line

Cats crave to live in safe territory, quiet, and an independent place! 

Not only that, but visiting these abandoned sites fulfill their capacity to see in the dark and their instinct to be hyperactive at night.

The article makes sure to provide you with all the information regarding this topic.

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