The “Werewolf” – Lykoi Cat

An arcane and dreadful looking cat, the Lykoi seemingly just came out of the “The Howling” or “Ginger Snaps” flick. This relatively new feline-breed doesn’t howl and is not afraid of silver, but its strange and stunning look befits her nickname, the “werewolf cat.” Beyond its tell-tale trait, the Lykoi is a brilliant kitty with an inquisitive nature and affectionate that thrives in companionship and will form strong bonds with their human families.

Origin of the Lykoi Cat

The Lykoi cat’s name comes from the Greek word for wolves. Its emergence as a breed is attributed to breeders Johnny and Brittney Gobble and Patti Thomas in 2011.

After breeding two unrelated Lykois, serendipity kicked in, and they produced the first werewolf kittens. With that, they have proved that the unusual characteristics of the breed actually came from the feline’s genes and that the mutation has been a naturally and randomly occurring phenomenon. Today, many Lykoi kittens are still born from feral colonies.

In 2006, The International Cat Associated acknowledged the breed in 2012 and granted its full recognition in 2016.

Physical Characteristics of the Lykoi Cat

Length: Short to Medium

Weight: 4 to 7 pounds

Life Expectancy: Unknown as it a new breed

Coat Color: Black, gray roan

Type of Coat: Short or Hairless

Eye Color: Amber, green

The Lykoi cat is a fairish-sized cat, with a slender, nicely muscled body. It has a wedge-shaped head that boasts a hairless mask that adds to its werewolf appearance. The mask stretches from the muzzle, nose, eyes, and the backs of its ears. Its coat can be short to medium, with a bristly appearance, but is soft to touch. Black roan is the most common color, while other cats may appear grayish. Some of these felines are entirely hairless, so they are often mistaken for the Sphynx cats. However, the two breeds are genetically unrelated.

Lykoi Cat Personality

Lykoi cats have earned a reputation to have a “dog-like” personality, which befits their werewolf appearance. They have brilliant minds and excellent hunting skills that they have carried on from their wild cat lineage. While other feline breeds tend to hunt alone, Lykoils were observed to chase their prey as a team, seemingly like a pack of wolves, a strange instinct compared to most cats.

Given their smarts, Lykoi cats also have an incredible curiosity streak and will be happy to survey their surroundings or jive in to know whatever is going on. They are also great problem solvers, quickly conquering puzzles and interactive toys, and as such, learning a few tricks or the game of fetch would also be a breeze. When their minds are well-stimulated, it is when their personality shines the most.

While playful, they also relish their independence and have their own for periods of time. They are not the “lap cats” and won’t also act like shadows that their owners from room to room. Lykoi has their own ways of showing their affection and would enjoy some cuddles and relaxation time with their owners here and there. While they may be wary and aloof towards strangers, it won’t take too much time to warm up, proving their capability to be loving companions.

Caring for the Lykoi Cat

Lykoi cats are for owners who are fond of brushing their cats. These felines are fairly regular shedders and will molt their fur a couple of times a year. They can shed them entirely, before growing their coat anew for the next season.

With that, brushing them twice to thrice a week is advisable to keep them at bay. However, they must be brushed gently so that their skin won’t hurt or get irritated. Moreover, their exposed skin needs regular baths to free it from oil build-ups. Other grooming upkeep includes regular nail trimming, teeth cleaning, and eye and ear cleaning.

Lykoi cats are sensitive to extreme weather but highly adaptable. Their lack of undercoat, or being completely hairless, makes them vulnerable to being cold. A heated bed can be handy in keeping them warm during winter. They are also prone to sunburn due to their exposed skin. It is best to keep them as an indoor-only cat to avoid such conditions.

With their playful personality and decent energy, cat trees and perches can be suitable investments. Then, add puzzles and interactive toys to keep their minds stimulated.

Like other cat breeds, Lykoi needs regular checkups to keep track of their health. As a new breed, these cats don’t have a thorough medical history. In fact, the first set of Lykoi kittens might be alive today, and it is difficult for breeders to assess breed-related genetic and medical conditions. Vet consultations can help see any potential issue and ensure that they live a long, healthy life.

Lykoi cats are one of the newest, rarest, and strange-looking felines in the cat fancy. They are perfect for families looking for an arcane looking cat that goes beyond what meets the eye. Inside these cats is a playful, curious, and an adorable personality that would make a great addition to any loving home.