The Tiny yet Bossy Singapura Cat

While the Singapura cat is renowned as the tiniest domestic feline breed, it packs a huge personality in its smallish frame. It is quiet, but intelligent, playful, and active, often wanting to be the center of attraction and deeming she’s in charge of the home. Adding its unusual appearance characterized by a black-tipped tail, large eyes and ears, and sepia-colored coat, the Singapura cat not only steals the show but also snatches many cat enthusiasts’ hearts across the world.

Origin of the Singapura Cat Breed

Singapura cats’ root is shrouded with mystery and controversy. It is believed that these felines originated from three street cats found by American breeders Tommy and Hal Meadows in Singapore in the 1970s. The couple brought them to the United States, where they started developing them. However, during the 1980s, Singapore’s Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) found another group of these sepia-colored cats, which were then imported by Barbara Gilbertson, another breeder looking to develop the breed.

Soon, the island nation of Singapore started adopting the feline as their national mascot. That’s despite controversies or conjecture that the breed may not actually be a native to the country. Experts speculated that the breed had been intentionally bred to achieve its size and appearance, rather than naturally occurring in Singapore.

Nevertheless, Singapore regarded the cat as their national living treasure and cultural symbol. Moreover, many cat registries accept the Singapura cats as a natural breed and giving these felines their full recognition.

Physical Characteristics of the Singapura Cat Breed

Length: Small

Weight: 4 to 7 pounds

Life Expectancy: 11 to 15 years

Coat Color: Sepia

Type of Coat: Short

Eye Color: Hazel, green, yellow

Singapura cats have a remarkable resemblance to the Abyssinian cat but are relatively smaller in size. Yet, despite their little frame, they are stocky and muscular. Their head is roundish, with a short and broad muzzle. Meanwhile, their almond-shaped eyes are large and a bit slanted. The ears are also large with deep cups. Their subtle-colored fur is short and smooth, accentuated by brown, ivory, and black bands in each strand, with the coat on the legs, tail, and back appearing to be darker.

Singapura Cat Breed Personality

Singapura may be small in size, but they boast prominent personalities! They are active, inquisitive, and affectionate cats who want to be the household’s apple of the eye and act as if they are their homes’ boss.

These felines will take part in whatever their owners do, meddling while their master’s do their chores, ready to hit the sweep or mop if it goes their direction. However, they will also be frank whenever they are engaged in an activity they don’t want to do, such as bathing or nail trimming.

Singapura cats are vigorous. Curtains, computer keyboards, office supplies, and anything on counters are part of their toy list. If they do not play with them, they can be seen keenly observing how their master’s use them, seemingly planning how they can use it for their favor. No wonder as they are curious cats that would be onto something interesting!

Nevertheless, they thrive in human companionship and will be happy to be a lap cat and an adorable bed warmer during colder nights. While they may seem domineering, they are wary and sensitive of their families’ feelings, and will turn into gentle and affectionate furballs to keep company and uplift their owners’ mood.

One thing these felines don’t like though is loud noises. They can shrink further if they encounter any loud noise, such as dog barks, screaming children, and or an uproar from a noisy neighborhood, something that their owners should keep in mind.

Caring for the Singapura Cat Breed

Singapura cats’ coat shed lightly and requires minimal grooming. Brushing their fur once a week, occasionally cleaning their eyes, teeth, and ears, and regularly trimming their nails pretty much covers their needs to keep them in tip-top condition. Bathing is rarely necessary as these cats do also well in cleaning themselves.

As a highly vigorous breed, it is best to provide them with toys and things to keep them on the move. Cat trees, perches, and ledges are suitable investments that can give them ample opportunities to climb, perch, and survey their surroundings.

Given their inquisitive nature, they can exercise themselves, but would also appreciate playing with their owners. Interactive toys can be useful in stimulating not only their bodies but their intelligent minds. If adequately, these felines can learn a few tricks, as they always seek new challenges.

However, as loud noises often scare Singapuras, providing them serene and cozy places to retreat can help lessen their stress. An ideal location would be a covered and quiet area, which can deflect some loud noise.

In terms of health, Singapura cats are generally sturdy. However, as with other feline breeds, they can be vulnerable to certain conditions, such as obesity, renal failure, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, and diabetes. Regular vet consultations can help detect or prevent any disease to ensure that these adorable furballs live a long, healthy life.

Singapura cats are purr-fect for families looking for playful, active, and affectionate companions. They may have their bossy side, but these cats know when to help brighten up their owner’s day. And, while they are small, they indeed have big hearts, making them fit for many types of homes.