The Teeny and Adoring Minuet Cat

A stunning product of crossing the noble Persian and the short Munchkin, the Minuet cat is a sweet, playful, affectionate cat that inherits some of its progenitors’ best traits. It adores human companionship and builds strong bonds with its families, even doing well with children. Adding their doll-like face and petite physique to their people-oriented personality, this cat is purr-fect for owners looking for an adorable cuddle bug to complete their homes.

Origin of the Minuet Cat

The Minuet cat, also called the Napoleon cat eponymous to the short French statesman, is a relatively new breed that was only developed in 1996. Blueline Cattery’s Joe Smith was interested in the Munchkin and its genetics. In the said year, he crossed the Munchkin and the Persian. The result was a sweet-looking, doll-like furball with facial features close to the Persian and the Munchkin’s short legs. In 2001, the Minuet cat was accepted at The International Cat Associations’ “Experimental Breed” status and progressed to “Registration Only” status a year after. Today, the Minuet cat is now a fully recognized champion breed in TICA.

Physical Characteristics of the Minuet Cat

Length: Small

Weight: 5 to 9 pounds

Life Expectancy: 9 to 15 years

Coat Color: Varied

Type of Coat: Short, Long

Eye Color: Varied, depends on the coat

The Minuet cat is a short cat, with a nicely muscled, medium-size round body, round face, and large, round eyes. While most of these cats are born with short legs, some kittens from the litter may sport long legs but keep the breed’s distinct physical traits. Its nose is broad and straight, as compared to the Persian’s snub nose. Meanwhile, the coat can either be short or long. Shorthaired Minuets have soft and dense fur, while their longhaired counterparts sport a soft, straight coat, but have a thick undercoat.

Minuet Cat Personality

Minuet cats are adoring and people-oriented felines that would grab any opportunity to snuggle with their families. They build strong bonds with their humans and follow them around, waiting to be carried, and petted. As long they are showered with love, their personality flourishes, and they return the affection a tenfold.

Aside from being a cuddle buddy, Minuet cats have their fun-loving side. While they are not the most athletic cats, given the short stature, they are pretty active and energetic. Expect them to be always up for an interactive session with their owners that would keep them both mentally and physically stimulated.

Undoubtedly, Minuet cats thrive on attention but won’t be demanding for their owners’ time. These felines know how to respect their owners’ “me” time and are capable of keeping themselves amused from time to time. But, expect them to meet their families as they return home from work and display how much they love them.

Caring for the Minuet Cat

Minuet cats grooming needs vary depending on whether they are shorthaired or longhaired. The former only needs weekly brushing sessions to keep their coat healthy, while the latter may require three to five times of brushing a week to keep mats at bay.

Nail trimming should be done every two weeks to keep their nails and paws healthy. Weekly teeth brushing using vet-approved toothpaste is advised to boost their oral health and prevent them from developing periodontal disease. Meanwhile, their ears and eyes should be examined weekly for any signs of infection or dirt buildup.

As an energetic cat, interactive toys and puzzles are suitable investments. Plus, providing them ample area to scamper around will keep them happiest.

While they have the Persian cat as one of their progenitors, the Minuet cats appear to be much healthier than their parents. Through responsible breeding, polycystic kidney disease that affects the Persians is less likely to occur in the Minuets. Moreover, devoid of the Persian’ snub nose, Minuets don’t have the breathing issues their parent breed encounters.

Minuet cats are ideal for owners’ looking for an adorable kitty to add to their homes. While they are teeny, they are never scarce on the energy and affection they are willing to spend with their loving families.