The People-centered and Adaptable Australian Mist Cat

A devoted Aussie cat, the Australian Mist is an extremely affectionate feline that flourishes on human companionship. In fact, this cat is bred on purpose to entertain children, accompany the elderly, and stay indoors with their families, which is an ironic twist as it hails from a country with vast and stunning wildlife. Yet, this furball can refrain from temptations of venturing outside, and instead, bring color inside its home through its endearing, bright, adaptable, and personable personality.

Origin of the Australian Mist Cat

Dr. Truda Straede is credited for the emergence of the Australian Mist Cat. As various states in Australia prohibits cats from lurking outside, she decided to develop a mixed breed cat that would be pleased to stay inside homes while also boasting an easy-going temperament.

With her efforts across many years, she crossed different breeds, such as the Burmese, the Australian Domestic tabby cat, and the Abyssinian, to bring out the Australian Mist, which was officially recognized in its home country in 1986.

Initially, the breed was referred to as “Spotted Mist,” due to its leopard-like coat. However, the name was then changed to the “Australian Mist” in 1998 to be inclusive of all cats, whether they sported a marbled or spotted pattern. In 2014, The International Cat Association (TICA) officially accepted and granted the breed its championship status.

Physical Characteristics of the Australian Mist Cat

Length: Medium

Weight: 8 to 15 pounds

Life Expectancy: 15 to 18 years

Coat Color: Brown, chocolate, blue, gold, lilac, and peach.

Type of Coat: Short

Eye Color: Green

The Australian Mist cat is a medium-sized feline breed, with a lean body and medium boning structure. It has a roundish head, with large ears sitting atop. Due to its Burmese ancestry, it has large and expressive eyes. Meanwhile, the nose, whisker pads, and chin are broad, providing these furballs a somewhat thoughtful expression.

Its short, resilient coat can either be marbled or spotted. The “mist” in its name comes from its distinct marking. The darker spots or marbled pattern seemingly floats on a palter, misty base color. The colors can be divided into six variations: brown, chocolate, blue, gold, lilac, and peach.

Australian Mist Cat Personality

Australian Mists are probably the epitome of an overly affectionate cat breed that thrives in human companionship. These are tolerant and mellow furballs, with a super personable and friendly side.

Expect these kitties to adore their loving owners, following them around the house, or curl on their lap whenever they can. They love to stay indoors throughout the day, as they were bred for such, and will be happiest to spend time with their families inside their homes.

With that, they also make terrific companions for kids and will have no issues dealing even with the youngest of children. These cats don’t mind being handled and will rarely scratch anyone unless under extreme circumstances. Having dogs or other cat-friendly pets won’t also be a problem as Australian Mist cats are amenable to live with them harmoniously.

But, these furballs also have their fun-loving side and will adapt seamlessly to active households. They are attentive and alert, so expect that interactive toys will be their quick favorites.

Nevertheless, they are flexible and will also thrive in laid-back homes, such as living with the elderly. As long as they have enough cat-friendly toys and furniture, they will not get bored or frustrated, making them perfect companions for people of all ages and types.

Caring for the Australian Mist Cat

Australian Mist cats are perfect for owners looking for a less maintenance breed. Thanks to their short coat, these felines require minimal upkeep. They don’t shed that much, which means weekly brushing is usually enough to keep their coat healthy and shiny.

Aside from coat grooming, nail trimming should be done every couple of weeks. It is also best to provide them a scratching post to keep their claws in good condition and avoid them from damaging furniture. On the other hand, teeth brushing using vet-approved toothpaste must be carried out weekly to prevent periodontal disease. Then, eye and ear cleaning should also be done weekly to prevent dirt build-up or any infection.

As indoor-loving cats, Australian Mists are prone to obesity. With that, it is best to provide them a well-balanced and nutritious diet. These felines will thrive in dry, raw, or canned foods. However, they seem not to tolerate carbohydrates. Regulating treats and snacks and adding a smart feeder to monitor their feeding portion can help these cats veer away from getting overweight.

In terms of health, the Australian Mists don’t face many significant breed-related issues. The only concern is that lighter colored cats tend to be more vulnerable to skin problems than the darker ones. As with all feline breeds, regular vet consultations can help address any potential issue and deal with them before they go out of hand.

The Australian Mist cat is the perfect homebody. It is highly adaptable to any living condition and will be happy either with children or the elderly or in active and laidback homes. They are tolerant and people-centered and can bring laughs and loves to families who would add them to their lovely homes.