The Peculiar and Nosy Ukrainian Levkoy

Despite the long list breed of breed available, feline enthusiasts are trying to create new ones to add to the list. The Ukrainian Levkoy is one of the newest breeds, appearing only at the beginning of the 21st century. This cat is a product of crossing the Donskoy and Scottish Fold, and as a result, the breed acquired a peculiar yet striking appearance. Going beyond what meets the eye, the Ukrainian Levkoy is known for being an affectionate, playful, and curious cat, making them terrific household pets for most types of families.

Origin of the Ukrainian Levkoy

The Ukrainian Levkoy is a relatively new breed, only developed at the onset of the 21st century. Russian breeder Elene Biriukova crossed the Donskoy and the Scottish Fold cat and created the Ukrainian Levkoy.

The breed sported the Donskoy’s hairless characteristic of the Donskoy and the Scottish Folds’ unique forward-folded ears. It got its name from the Levkoy plant, which leaves resemble the cat’s bent ears.

Biriukova achieved the final look of the Ukrainian Levkoy in 2004. Today, the breed is recognized by cat associations in Russia and Ukraine.

Physical Characteristics of the Ukrainian Levkoy

Length: Medium

Weight: 8 to 12 pounds

Life Expectancy: 9 to 15 years

Coat Color: Black, white, gray, brown

Type of Coat: Hairless, nearly hairless

Eye Color: Light-colored

The Ukrainian Levkoy has a long, proportioned body and long, elegant legs, typically resembling the Sphynx or a bald Siamese cat. Its head is wedge-shaped, with large, forward-folded ears sitting atop. Meanwhile, eyes are oblique-shaped, often in light colors. This feline may appear to be hairless with a wrinkled skin but has a very fine down covering its body, giving its a velvet-like feel and little protection. However, they are still vulnerable to getting cold in chilly climates or suffer from sunburn when exposed to the sun.

Ukrainian Levkoy Personality

The first thing people notice about the Ukrainian Levkoy is its highly nosy personality. These felines will survey their surroundings and will leave no part of the house unexplored. With that curiosity streak, puzzles and smart interactive toys are purr-fect investments as it keeps them mentally satisfied.

Beyond its strange look, the Ukrainian Levkoy is a fun-loving feline. That said, they relish playtime sessions with their humans. They are docile and will be happy to bond with toddlers or cat-friendly pets. Since they thrive in human interaction, they don’t like being left alone for extended periods and, instead, will be happy to be in homes that have a family member to accompany them most of the day.

Aside from their friskiness, these cats are highly-adaptable. Living in small houses or apartments won’t be an issue with them. However, they are known to be vocal, so their owners will probably hear them around, especially when these felines have something important to stay or when their stomach is already rumbling.

In general, the Ukrainian Levkoy cats are sweet and pleasant furballs that adore its humans. They will follow their owners around the house and enjoy their companionship, making them more fun to live with.

Caring for the Ukrainian Levkoy

As a hairless cat, the Ukrainian Levkoy may need a little effort in terms of grooming. They may not require to be brushed or leave any fur on carpets and furniture, but they need to be bathed once a month to keep their skin oil regulated and skin healthy.

Moreover, since there is no fur to absorb the oil, they may become greasy to touch. Wiping them once to twice a week can avoid such a scenario and can also keep their skin moisturized.

Ukrainian Levkoy cats also need to be kept warm, especially during chilly weather or in winder. Sweaters or jumpers are suitable investments to keep them cozy. When going outside, lathering them with vet-approved sunscreens will help protect their skin from sunburn.

As with other feline breeds, weekly teeth brushing will prevent them from developing periodontal diseases. Dental treats can help clean their teeth but should not be the only method used for their oral hygiene. Nail trimming every couple of weeks will keep their paws and claws healthy. Meanwhile, weekly eye and ear cleaning will keep off any dirt build-up or infection.

Ukrainian Levkoys are generally healthy, but they can be vulnerable to conditions suffered by their progenitors. With that, it is best to get them regular consultations with the vet to detect or prevent any potential health issues that may arise. A vet can help develop a care routine for the furballs to ensure that they live a long, healthy life.

Ukrainian Levkoy cats are a terrific fit for cat enthusiasts looking for docile but playful felines to bring into their homes. In return for love and care, these cats flourish and will shower their loving families with their overflowing affection.