The Mild-Mannered and Timid Nebelung Cat

Befitting her German name that means “creature of the mist,” the Nebelung cat is the Russian Blue‘s longhaired version, that sports gleaming silver-blue fur, seemingly drifting over its body. Adding to its majesty, the Nebelung cat is one of the Patronuses appearing in Harry Potter. Not surprising as the Nebelung’s stunning look, gracefulness, and somewhat frigid demeanor provide this relatively new and rare feline its mystical quality.

Origin of the Nebelung Cat

The Nebelung cat is a relatively new breed in the cat fancy. Only around 50 breeders exist across the world. Nebelheim Cattery’s Cora Cobb is credited for the creation of the Nebelung. The Denver-based breeder crossed Siegfried, a longhaired blue kitten, to Elsa, a black domestic shorthair. The two felines became the progenitor of the breed and produced the first Nebelung kittens in 1986.

Russian Blues cats that possessed the long hair gene were then imported from Europe to develop the Nebelung cats further and expand its gene pool. The International Cat Association accepted it as a new breed in 1987 and granted its full recognition in 1997. Today, the breed is recognized by other cat registries, such as the World Cat Federation and the American Cat Fanciers Association.

Physical Characteristics of the Nebelung Cat

Length: Medium to Long

Weight: 7 to 15 pounds

Life Expectancy: 13 to 16 years

Coat Color: Blue with silver edgings

Type of Coat: Mid Long, soft

Eye Color: Green, yellow-green

The Nebelung is a medium-to-long cat, with a nicely muscled body and medium boning structure. It has a wedge-shaped head, with vivid green or yellow-green almond-shaped eyes, and medium-sized ears. This feline has a graceful neck, slender limbs, and a long tail. The medium to long soft double coat is silky and fine to touch. Its fur comes in blue color, usually with silver tips. Thicker tufts can be observed on necks and between their toes, while the tail’s hair tends to be longer than its body.

Nebelung Cat Personality

Nebelungs are quiet and mild-mannered cats, with a timid and subdued personality. They are not gregarious cats and will tend to shy away from strangers. These cats will use their invisibility cloak whenever guests come around the house. Even smaller children won’t entice them to play, as they prefer to engage with older humans.

Nevertheless, they are affectionate towards their own families, sitting quietly beside them or curling up on a warm lap. They build strong bonds with their owners, perch on their shoulders and follow them as they go around the house.

Due to their equable nature, Nebelungs are capable of amusing themselves. They can live in a single-pet household or be left in apartments for long periods, given that their mealtime is strictly followed and they have access to water, their litter box, and their toys. These cats stick to their routine and will be happy to see things and do activities at the same time of the day. They may take time to adapt to changes, but they relish their independence. Separation anxiety is often out of the picture for these cats.

In terms of other pets, they do best with cats and dogs with the same calm demeanor. They can quickly become anxious with other extremely active and vigorous furballs. These felines will be happiest to live with older adults, senior citizens, and older toddlers that would match its tranquil personality.

Caring for the Nebelung Cat

Sporting a long, the Nebelung cats need frequent brushing compared to its shorthair Russian Blue counterpart. They are quite regular shedders, but their fine hair keeps them less prone to matting than other breeds. Regularly brushing them twice to thrice weekly is enough to keep their coat clean, neat, and free from debris.

Other parts of the grooming upkeep involve primary care. While daily brushing is recommended, weekly teeth brushing can boost their oral health and avoid periodontal disease. Dental treats can be a great help, but should not only be the lone method of cleaning their teeth. Nail trimmings should be done every 10-14 days, while ear and eye cleaning should be done weekly to avoid infection and clean up any dirt build-up.

As a well-behaved breed, Nebeleng cats need more interaction to keep them in shape. Cat trees, scratchers, puzzles, and interactive toys can encourage them to play and help them get a well-balanced life.

In terms of health, Nebelung cats are deemed to be sturdy cats, with few genetic-related health issues. However, bladder stones are reported to occur in Russian Blues, one of these felines’ ancestors. Getting regular vet visits and proper immunizations can help detect or prevent any condition before they go out of hand and ensure these cats live a long, healthy life.

Nebelungs cats are ideal for owners looking for mild-mannered companions. They will be happiest with quiet and less active families that want to have a majestic, adorable, and devoted lap cat into their homes.