The Good-natured and Sweet Burmilla Cat

Rolling the Burmese and chinchilla Persians into one created the Burmilla cat. This feline is a good-natured, relatively placid, but a sweet and affectionate furball that loves to be a part of the family. Another of those breeds coming from a “good accident,” this cat is brought by an amusing romantic curiosity between two felines, left alone at one night in the United Kingdom. Yet, while everything is unplanned, it is something to be thankful for as it paved the way for creating this adorable breed.

Origin of the Burmilla Cat

The Burmilla cat is a relatively new breed that only came into the cat fancy in the 1980s. The breed came into existence through an inadvertent mating between a Burmese and a chinchilla Persian cat. It was a fascinating circumstance as the two felines actually stayed in two different rooms. However, the janitor failed to close the doors resulting in the intimate interactions between the furballs.

The resulting litter was striking, sporting short, dense coats, and a tender demeanor. The owners found the kittens attractive and worked on developing and preserving the breed, eventually giving birth to the Burmillas. The breed remains to be rare and has only been recently accepted in various cat registries.

Physical Characteristics of the Burmilla Cat

Length: Medium

Weight: 8 to 12 pounds

Life Expectancy: 10 to 15 years

Coat Color: Comes in various colors, shading, and patterns

Type of Coat: Short coat, but there is a mid-longhaired variety

Eye Color: Green

Given its Burmese ancestry, the Burmilla is a fairish-sized feline, with a thickset, nicely-muscled build, hefty boning structure, and strong back. It has a round head, wedge-shaped muzzle, slightly slanted expressive eyes, and wide-set round-tipped ears. Meanwhile, the coat is short, thick, and dense. The hair tips have darker but even edgings at a closer look, while a unique “M” mark occurs at their forehead.

Burmilla Cat Personality

Burmilla cats bring desirable personality traits of the Burmese and Persian cats together, resulting in gentle, good-natured felines. The cross balances the Burmese’s ever-present and bold demeanor and the Persian’s exquisite and docile attitude.

While they have their fun-loving side, these felines tend to be quiet and calm. However, their zest for playtime carries on into adulthood. They are also quite adventurous but clumsy, which is why keeping breakable stuff away is a must when they are lurking around.

Burmillas are affectionate and thrive in human companionship. They love their human families, though not needy for attention. They relish a part of their independence but will be quick to come by when there’s an available lap to lounge.

As a social yet pleasant breed, they live harmoniously with children, other felines, dogs, and other cat-friendly pets, making them ideal companions in the house and keeping everyone company.

Caring for the Burmilla Cat

Burmilla cats, both the short and mid-longhaired variety, are relatively easy to care for regarding their grooming needs. While their fur is prone to matting, weekly brushing can suffice in keeping tangles and knots away. Bathing is rarely required, and is only usually necessary should they get into some dirty mishaps.

Other grooming upkeep includes primary care, such as trimming the nails every 10 to 14 days, weekly teeth brushing to avoid periodontal disease, and ear and eye cleaning to clear dirt build-up.

As a gentle and relatively placid breed, Burmilla cats require nearly the same exercise as most feline breeds. They will have bursts of vigor but tend to have long sleeping hours. To support their playful side and meet their energy requirements, getting cat trees, perches, and toys can be suitable investments.

In terms of health, Burmilla cats have no known significant inheritable issues. Being a relatively new breed, these cats have undergone a meticulous crossing program, decreasing the chances of genetic issues. However, they can become overweight, so it’s vital to watch their nutrition to avoid obesity-related conditions. Regular consultations with the vet and getting these cats proper preventative care ensure that they live a long, healthy life.

Burmilla cats are ideal for families looking for good-natured and sweet but less demanding furballs to add to their lovely homes. While felines tend to sit on the gentle side, and prefer a part of their independence, they love their human companions and will not hesitate to curl up into their warm lap.