The Hairless Cat Breeds You Should Know About

The Hairless Cat Breeds You Should Know About

If you were asked about cats, you might think about fluffy pets that entice many people with their elegance, smartness, and capability of affection. But, have you ever been curious about their bald counterparts? These hairless felines have a unique and attractive appearance that proves they don’t need fur to be as … Read more

The Boisterous and Mischievous Bambino Cat

Bambino Cat

A new experimental and controversial cat breed, the Bambino is a hairless cat with short stature, giving it a dwarf-like appearance. But despite its miniature size, this cat has a big heart and boasts an energetic, outgoing, and affectionate personality. Showering it with playtime and attention will help it flourish and bring … Read more

The Quirky Yet Affectionate Dwelf Cat

An elf cat with its distinct Sphynx-like skin and curled ears

The Dwelf cat is a new and incredibly rare breed with a hairless appearance and curled ears, brought by crossing the Sphynx cat and the American Curl. Aside from inheriting its progenitors’ distinct physical features, this cat also combines their best personality traits, making it extremely affectionate, sociable, and intelligent. And, despite … Read more

The “Werewolf” – Lykoi Cat


An arcane and dreadful looking cat, the Lykoi seemingly just came out of the “The Howling” or “Ginger Snaps” flick. This relatively new feline-breed doesn’t howl and is not afraid of silver, but its strange and stunning look befits her nickname, the “werewolf cat.” Beyond its tell-tale trait, the Lykoi is a … Read more

The Soft-hearted and Spirited Donskoy Cat

A close look at a Donskoy cat

Boasting Russian roots, the Donskoy cat is a fairish-sized, muscular cat renowned for having wrinkled skin, covered with little hair (or none at all). This feline resembles the better-known Sphynx cat, but these two breeds are not related, with the former having a dominant gene compared to the latter’s recessive mutation. While … Read more

The Regal But Goofy Sphynx Cat

A Sphynx Cat posing for a photo

Notable in the cat fancy to their uncommon hairless coat, the Sphynx cat is an affable, affectionate, and affectionate feline that thrives in human attention. It loves lolling under the sun for warmth whenever there’s an opportunity, or be adorable cuddle buddies under the covers at night. Despite their majestic appearance, a … Read more