The Quirky and Mischievous Devon Rex Cat

A female Devon Rex cat

Devon Rex has been dubbed with so many names, such as the pixie cat, gremlin cat, a bat, or a feline that looks like an elf. With its physical appearance alone, the breed enticed many cat enthusiasts across the world. However, what captured many families’ hearts is its extrovert, quirky, mischievous, yet … Read more

The Delightful and Elegant Cornish Rex Cat

A Cornish Rex with its conspicuous curly coat

Cornish Rex cat is a stunningly unusual but undeniably elegant feline with an egg-shaped face, conspicuous curly fur, long limbs, and wide-set ears. Combining all features, it is deemed as the “greyhound” of the cat family. Its distinct appearance is said to be a result of a harmless natural mutation. But, despite … Read more