The Royal and Peppy Serengeti Cat

A male Serengeti cat

Boasting a robust and muscular body, exotic look, and innate majesty, the Serengeti cat seems like a monarch in the cat fancy. This feline is a product of crossing the Bengal and Oriental Shorthair, creating a “less wild” cat than the Savannah. But beyond its feral appearance, the Serengeti cat has earned … Read more

The Nimble and Faithful Sokoke Cat

An adult Sokoke cat

Hailing from the Arabuko Sokoke Forest in Kenya, this eponymous cat is a natural feline breed that developed without any human intervention. As a furball that flourished in trees, the Sokoke cat is renowned for being a fast, vigorous, and incredible climber that needs ample spaces to thrive. But, despite its wild … Read more

Most Exotic Domestic Cat Breeds

A bobcat in a tree

Exotic pets can make quite an impression on your social circle. They’re also interesting creatures that might become a valued family member. However, many of us would also like to stay on the safe side when considering any exotic breed for a pet. Exotic cat breeds are very popular these days, so … Read more