The Serene and Charming Himalayan Cat

A 5-year-old Lilac Point Himalayan Cat

Popularly known as the “Himmy,” the Himalayan cat is a hybrid breed of the Siamese and the Persian cat. It is a stunning feline, characterized by a long, silky coat of the Persian and the bright blue eyes, and pointed coloring of the Siamese cat. Often regarded as a “gentle giant” of … Read more

The Extrovert and Vocal Japanese Bobtail Cat

A blue-eyed Japanese Bobtail cat

Hailing from the Land of the Rising Sun, the Japanese Bobtail is a friendly, lovable feline breed, characterized by a short “bunny” tail, either rigid or flexible, accentuated by some angles, curves, and kinks. It is a fun-loving and playful furball that makes good friends with everyone and acts more of a … Read more

The Rare and Lustrous Havana Brown Cat

A Havana Brown cat with its distinct rich, solid-colored Brown coat

Havana Brown cat is a fairish-sized and muscular cat, with a rich, solid tobacco-brown coat, providing it with its stunning appearance. Add its expressive green eyes, unique muzzle shape, and sizable forward-set ear, this feline is a breed of fascinating rarity. It also has a playful, charming, and outgoing personality, and often … Read more

The Calm and Endearing Exotic Shorthair Cat

A brown Exotic Shorthair kitten with its iconic large expressive eyes

As its name suggests, the Exotic Shorthair cat is most renowned for its distinctive look, easily recognizable with its large, expressive eyes. It is often dubbed as the lazy man’s Persian, as they originally bred to be a less-maintenance alternative to the higher maintenance feline. The Exotic Shorthair has a sweet, calm, … Read more

The Stunning and Devoted Egyptian Mau

A bronze-colored Egyptian Mau

Egyptian Mau is a stunning feline, boasting an athletic build and a lustrous spotted coat. It is the fastest domestic housecat, reaching speeds of up to 30 miles per hour, and the only one with naturally occurring spotted markings, which are not produced by human manipulation. This graceful and dignified cat breed … Read more

The Quirky and Mischievous Devon Rex Cat

A female Devon Rex cat

Devon Rex has been dubbed with so many names, such as the pixie cat, gremlin cat, a bat, or a feline that looks like an elf. With its physical appearance alone, the breed enticed many cat enthusiasts across the world. However, what captured many families’ hearts is its extrovert, quirky, mischievous, yet … Read more

The Sweet-tempered and Quiet Chartreux Cat

A female Chartreux cat

Chartreux cat is a sturdy, short-haired cat with French origin, much desired for its incredible mousing skills, exotic look, and dense, water-repellent coat. This feline has a stout, muscular body, but often deemed a “potato on toothpicks,” due to its relatively short, fine-boned legs. While it is a stocky furball, the Chartreux … Read more

The Delightful and Elegant Cornish Rex Cat

A Cornish Rex with its conspicuous curly coat

Cornish Rex cat is a stunningly unusual but undeniably elegant feline with an egg-shaped face, conspicuous curly fur, long limbs, and wide-set ears. Combining all features, it is deemed as the “greyhound” of the cat family. Its distinct appearance is said to be a result of a harmless natural mutation. But, despite … Read more

The Black and Sleek Bombay Cat

A Bombat Cat starting at its owner

Bombay cat is renowned for being the blackest cat among the feline breeds, with a walk resembling that of a black panther. Its coat is entirely black, from head to tail, short, tight, and incredibly glossy. Accentuated by their golden eyes, their look is undeniably stunning. While small, they are muscular, and … Read more