The Royal and Peppy Serengeti Cat

A male Serengeti cat

Boasting a robust and muscular body, exotic look, and innate majesty, the Serengeti cat seems like a monarch in the cat fancy. This feline is a product of crossing the Bengal and Oriental Shorthair, creating a “less wild” cat than the Savannah. But beyond its feral appearance, the Serengeti cat has earned … Read more

The Teeny and Adoring Minuet Cat

A Minuet cat sporting the Munchkin’s short legs

A stunning product of crossing the noble Persian and the short Munchkin, the Minuet cat is a sweet, playful, affectionate cat that inherits some of its progenitors’ best traits. It adores human companionship and builds strong bonds with its families, even doing well with children. Adding their doll-like face and petite physique … Read more

The Refined and Talkative Javanese Cat

A Blue point Javanese cat

Exhibiting a slender body and a fine, silky medium-length coat, the Javanese cat is a beautiful feline to behold. It is graceful and elegant, seemingly like the ballerina of the cat variety. Its wedge-shaped head, largish ears, and mostly striking blue eyes display their Siamese ancestry. But, despite its refined look, this … Read more

The Energetic and Sharp Chausie Cat

A close-up look at a Chausie cat

Resembling a miniature mountain lion or cougar, the Chausie is a mixed breed cat, developed from crossing the Abyssinian and the wild jungle feline breeds. Renowned for being outgoing, vigorous, and playful, this cat possesses some of its progenitors’ best characteristics and traits. It has imposing size and is considered one of … Read more

The Graceful and Verbose Balinese Cat

Renowned as the Siamese‘s longhaired cousin, the Balinese cat is an intelligent, playful, curious feline, with exquisite and elegant beauty. While it shares the same striking colorings, triangular, and lean body with the former, this furball boasts a lovely personality of its own. It is calmer yet still athletic, less chatty but … Read more

The “Werewolf” – Lykoi Cat


An arcane and dreadful looking cat, the Lykoi seemingly just came out of the “The Howling” or “Ginger Snaps” flick. This relatively new feline-breed doesn’t howl and is not afraid of silver, but its strange and stunning look befits her nickname, the “werewolf cat.” Beyond its tell-tale trait, the Lykoi is a … Read more

The Mild-Mannered and Timid Nebelung Cat

A male Nebelung cat

Befitting her German name that means “creature of the mist,” the Nebelung cat is the Russian Blue‘s longhaired version, that sports gleaming silver-blue fur, seemingly drifting over its body. Adding to its majesty, the Nebelung cat is one of the Patronuses appearing in Harry Potter. Not surprising as the Nebelung’s stunning look, … Read more

The Nimble and Faithful Sokoke Cat

An adult Sokoke cat

Hailing from the Arabuko Sokoke Forest in Kenya, this eponymous cat is a natural feline breed that developed without any human intervention. As a furball that flourished in trees, the Sokoke cat is renowned for being a fast, vigorous, and incredible climber that needs ample spaces to thrive. But, despite its wild … Read more

The Soft-hearted and Spirited Donskoy Cat

A close look at a Donskoy cat

Boasting Russian roots, the Donskoy cat is a fairish-sized, muscular cat renowned for having wrinkled skin, covered with little hair (or none at all). This feline resembles the better-known Sphynx cat, but these two breeds are not related, with the former having a dominant gene compared to the latter’s recessive mutation. While … Read more

The Aristocratic and Communicative Khao Manee Cat

An odd-eyed Khao Manee cat

Known as the “White Gem” of Thailand, the Khao Manee cat is a natural and ancient breed that traces its roots hundreds of years back in the country’s rich and colorful history. Despite being shrouded with rarity and mystery, this feline has gained a reputation as a frisky and friendly cat that … Read more