What You Need to Know When Caring for a Senior Cat

young woman professional veterinarian strokes a big gray cat on table in veterinary clinic.

Many believe cats have nine lives because they have a long life span. The Burmese cat is the longest-living cat breed, which can live 20 to 25 years. They even hold the official record of the oldest living cat at 35 years old.  The senior cats need your extra attention. Although you … Read more

What should you never feed your cat?

What should you never feed your cat

While dogs are ravenous eaters, cats tend to be picky with the food they eat. With that, it’s easy for many feline guardians to think that their furry pets know what’s best for them. Yes, cats may turn away their nose from raw meat, but that doesn’t imply they would do the … Read more

Tips For Caring For Your Cat’s Teeth


Like humans, cats need a good dental maintenance routine starting at a young age to ensure their sound overall health. Without proper care, they can quickly develop diseases, resulting in pain and discomfort and significantly affecting their lives. Reports show that around 50 to 90% of cats aged over four already suffer … Read more

Istanbul: The City of Cats

a cat in front of a Turkish flag

One YouTube commenter joked that Turkey should not be called “Turkey” but “Cat.” It just might be!  At least in Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city of 15 million people, you will find lots and lots of feline friends there. These cats are everywhere! They come in all sorts of cuddly sizes and colors. … Read more

10 Weird Cat Habits

woman in an upside-down position, black cat with dots, cat facing woman

Does your cat do something that confuses you or makes you think that your cat isn’t normal? Well, if your cat exhibits any of these weird habits listed below, then you shouldn’t worry, for your cat is considered completely normal. Learn about these 10 weird cat habits, why they do them, and … Read more

All About the Most Expensive Cat Breeds in the World

A close-up image of a 4-month-old Savannah cat.

Since the time people started keeping animals as pets, there have been some that are attracted to the notion of owning exotic animals most people might never have even seen. This desire can manifest in either of two ways, if not both; owning dangerous animals most people have seen in zoos but … Read more

Celebrities Who Have Infinite Love for Cats

An image of a sitting cat gazing upward.

A lot of people look up to celebrities. They try to emulate their way of life, invest time in new hobbies because of them, and just love following news about them in general. So, it comes as no surprise that when a celebrity reveals something about themselves that we can relate to, … Read more

How Do Cats Show Affection Towards Humans?

A man holding a cat over his shoulder.

Cats are a popular choice of pet animals, but some people who don’t own a cat often wonder why people bother caring for an animal that “clearly” isn’t interested in them. Oftentimes new cat owners also think their cat doesn’t like them at all, whereas the reality of the situation is completely … Read more