The Royal and Peppy Serengeti Cat

A male Serengeti cat

Boasting a robust and muscular body, exotic look, and innate majesty, the Serengeti cat seems like a monarch in the cat fancy. This feline is a product of crossing the Bengal and Oriental Shorthair, creating a “less wild” cat than the Savannah. But beyond its feral appearance, the Serengeti cat has earned … Read more

The Energetic and Sharp Chausie Cat

A close-up look at a Chausie cat

Resembling a miniature mountain lion or cougar, the Chausie is a mixed breed cat, developed from crossing the Abyssinian and the wild jungle feline breeds. Renowned for being outgoing, vigorous, and playful, this cat possesses some of its progenitors’ best characteristics and traits. It has imposing size and is considered one of … Read more

The Active and Agile Bengal Cat

The Active and Agile Bengal Cat

Bengal Cat is a large, graceful, strong, muscular cat, with an elegant spotted or marbled coat. They have the appearance of small jungle-thriving wildcats but possess the characteristics of a dependable family pet. As playful and athletic cats, they need a home that can complement their vigor. Once fulfilled, expect them to … Read more