Pros and Cons of Giving Cats CBD

Welcoming a furry little kitten into your home is always an exciting time in life. You have a furry friend who is always going to be there to cuddle with you, love you, and give you a daily dose of sassiness.

But as a cat owner, you will also want to prioritize their health and wellness in a proactive way. The more you put into being proactive, the more likely they will have a long and happy life with you.

One of the best ways to enhance their overall well-being is with CBD cats. Yes, you did just read that correctly! CBD for cats is becoming more widely available and the results so far speak for themselves.

When cats take CBD products on the regular, their overall well-being drastically improves. This is why we are here to dish out all the facts when it comes to the right cbd dosage cats, the best products to use, and all the benefits to consider short term and long term.

Your cat will likely feel calmer, have more muscle support, experience enhanced brain functionality, and have happier tummies. But we will get into all of that in a bit.

Here is all you need to know about CBD and cats.

1. Cats are Naturally Playful –CBD Helps

In general, cats are energetic, curious, and playful. It will thus be obvious when they are not feeling themselves. You will notice them being much more irritable, sensitive, and lethargic. If you spot any of these changes, it may be time to consider using CBD products to help.

There can be a range of reasons why your cat is not feeling well. From feeling sore from stiff joints or muscles to dealing with an upset stomach that is making them feel extra gassy, there is so much to consider when it comes to your cat’s health and how CBD can play a supporting role in making them feel better.

2. CBD for Cats is Similar to CBD for Humans

You have likely heard how CBD is becoming more widely available in the health and wellness world for humans. But cats can benefit from these same wellness products in very similar ways. The same cannabidiol is used on products for cats as they are for humans—with there also being a little trace of THC and no risk of your cat getting high. In fact, cat CBD products are going to generally be gluten-free, non-GMO, and organic. Safe for you and safe for your cat too.

3. Isolate vs Full Spectrum CBD for Cats

There is a whole range of CBD products for cats to consider. From isolate CBD products to full-spectrum, you will ultimately want to choose the products that make the most sense for your specific cat and their wellness needs. The best way to determine this is by chatting to your veterinarian about their recommendations too.

In general, full-spectrum CBD products will have all the cannabinoids and terpenes possible and less than .3% of THC within it. The full spectrum options actually allow for more health benefits to occur as the entourage effect can result, meaning that literally your cat’s overall wellbeing will be optimized as a result.

But whether you give your cat isolate or full-spectrum CBD products, they will feel supported with their joints, their muscles, their brain functionality, and their mood.

4. Minimal Side Effects

There are minimal side effects for cats when it comes to CBD products. While there is a risk with everything and every single cat will react differently, cats, in general, will only experience the positive impacts of cat CBD products.

If you are concerned about how much dosage your cat should have in terms of CBD products, there is a whole range of factors you will want to consider. This includes everything from how much a cat weighs to how old they are and any pre-existing conditions it may have. As we have already mentioned too, you should definitely speak to your veterinarian about CBD for your cat and ensure that it won’t induce side effects if they are already taking other types of medication.


Overall, there are certainly more pros than cons when it comes to CBD products for cats and how it can support their overall wellbeing. While CBD products for cats are still relatively new, the current results are very promising. In general, most veterinarians will likely recommend around one to five milligrams of CBD oil for every ten pounds that your cat weights. But of course, this is simply an estimate!

You will also want to do your research on the brands you are buying CBD products for your cats from. Every brand will make there’s a bit differently so it is important to do your research ahead of time, read the reviews and make sure you are getting the best possible option out there for your cat.