The Snuggly and Wooly Selkirk Rex Cat

A cinnamon tabby Selkirk Rex cat

Bearing the nickname “cat’s in sheep clothing,” the Selkirk Rex Cat is renowned for its wooly coat. Its charisma doesn’t end in its fur as this feline is a cheery, playful, and social furball that keeps its family entertained. Moreover, it is affectionate, devoted, and loyal – no surprise that this breed … Read more

Can People with Allergies to Cats Outgrow Them?

A woman suffering from allergies

Cat lovers would usually do anything to have at least one or two feline family members. If they find that they’re allergic to cats, however, the realization can be quite shocking. In such cases, some people may have to give up the idea of having a cat as a pet. Others may … Read more

Introducing Your Cat to Your New Baby

An orange tabby cat

When there’s a baby on the way, we all have a ton of work to do. Setting up the nursery, buying the clothes, planning the baby shower…the list goes on. However, we also have to mentally prepare for the upcoming new member of the family. That includes preparing the older children along … Read more

The Gentle and Warm-hearted Russian Blue Cat

Cat Janna

Hailing from Russia and sporting a conspicuous blue coat, the Russian Blue cat is a gentle, quiet and cat around other people, but is loving and devoted towards her family. While there was no specific date when this feline was brought into existence, it is one of the oldest cat breeds and … Read more

The Clever and Confident Savannah Cat

A four-month-old Savannah Cat

For cat enthusiasts looking for the call of the wild in their felines’ look, having a Savannah cat is one to consider. It is a hybrid cross between a domestic cat and an African serval and got its name from the latter’s lush habitat. Much like its progenitor, the Savannah cat is … Read more

The Dedicated and Amiable Scottish Fold Cat

A lilac-colored adult Scottish Fold cat

The Scottish Fold is attentive and devoted, but not a clamorous feline, making it an adorable family pet. Often confused with the American Curl, but the difference is conspicuous, the American Curl’s ear crimps upwards and back, while the Scottish Fold’s ears go forward and down, providing the feline a furry owl … Read more

The Demanding But Kind-hearted Oriental Cat

A new and notable member of the cat fancy, the Oriental cat is a slender, sophisticated feline, with large, conspicuous ears, almond-shaped eyes, and a coat available in up to 300 color combinations. This cat boasts high intelligence, athleticism, and a relatively vocal personality as a part of the Siamese family. But … Read more

The Big-hearted and Perky Peterbald Cat

Often mistaken as a hairless sphynx, the Peterbald cat is a loving and charming feline with Russian origin. It is loyal and usually found underfoot of its favorite human. While it may have an almost non-existent coat, its affection is never missing, following its family around throughout the day, and never shy … Read more