Most Popular Cat Breeds in the US

Cats are among the most commonly domesticated animals in the world, though dogs manage to surpass their popularity when it comes to the US. Many people might think that having a dog for a pet is better because of their loyalty and protective spirit, but cats are much cleaner and perhaps easier to take care of (they usually don’t require walks). However, some cat breeds are still more popular than others, at least for specific owners.

Several of the most popular cat breeds have been that way for many years. Their popularity might be due to a variety of factors; physical appearance, attractive personality traits, or simply a movie that featured that particular breed. If you’re on the lookout for a cat of your own, you may want to consider one of the most popular breeds around. While there’s no guarantee that having a certain breed is better than another, knowing the expected traits will help you decide upon your future pet. Here are some of the top cat breeds in the United States for now:

1. Siamese


This particular cat breed has been one of the most popular options for cat lovers since the 1800s. Cat lovers may also be aware that Siamese have been instrumental in creating several other popular breeds such as the Himalayan, the Sphynx, and the Oriental Shorthair.

Siamese cats were originally called Siam, and they have their origin in Thailand. They have distinctive ‘point’ markings on their tail, feet, ears, and nose. However, the markings don’t have to be on every Siamese species.

Many cat lovers would love to have such a cat, especially ever since they were featured in the Disney cartoon movie ‘Lady and the Tramp’. A pair of Siamese were among the many characters there, though they weren’t presented in a very positive light. Still, they were interesting and intelligent characters, which sparks the interest of cat lovers in America as well as other countries.

There are two further varieties within this breed, one with a chubby body and an apple-shaped head. The other kind has a slightly larger head and a sleek, slender body.

Originally, the Siamese cats that came from Thailand had a kink in their tails. We can still see those kinks in Siamese cats on the streets in Thailand. In other areas, though, the kink was deliberately bred out to make the cat more presentable.

2. Persian


These luxurious-looking cats with a smushed face are a great favorite in American homes. They have long-haired coats, which are great for petting, cuddling, or just for looking at. Of course, those long hairs also get really dirty and have to be maintained by the cat’s owner on a regular basis.

Persians also come in several colors, so you have some choice in the matter. White ones are among the most popular for their elegant look, but a coat with mixed colors can also be quite adorable. Originally, these cats were imported directly from Iran and were also called the Persian Longhair, the Iranian, or the Shirazi cat.

We’ve regularly seen Persians in commercials, artworks, and movies. Along with this, their beautiful appearance makes them a popular choice for cat lovers. As long as you’re fine with regularly brushing coats, a Persian cat should make a good pet for you.

On the downside, though, Persians are a purebred species. This means that they are also vulnerable to more diseases than a regular cat.

3. Maine Coon

Maine Coon

Maine Coons are reputed for their large bodies and thick fur. They come from the state of Maine and are also its official cat. While they may be larger in size than their counterparts, they’re quite a gentle species. Even better, they’re known for being excellent hunters, so any house proud owner will be glad to have them around.

This particular breed was popularized after being categorized as a purebred species by the CFA during the 1970s. They’re still among the most popular breeds around.

One interesting trait about the Maine Coon is polydactylism, or the tendency to have extra toes. This quirk makes their feet even bigger, so much so that they act like snowshoes when required.

4. Ragdoll

Another common and popular cat breed in the US is the Ragdoll cat. These cats are docile, to the point that they even go limp if you pick them up. This personality trait is where the cat gets its name. Their calm manner even gave rise to rumors that ragdoll cats can’t feel pain; however, this is just a myth.

Ragdolls resembled Siamese cats, but with long hair. They have similar pointed color markings and blue eyes.

What makes a ragdoll a great pet is its loyal and loving personality. Similar to a dog, it’s also been known to follow its owners around whenever possible.

5. Bengal


Bengal might be a domesticated cat breed, but they still look quite wild. If you’d like to bring a bit of the jungle in your home, this might be the breed you’re looking for. While a Bengal cat will be quite happy inside, they do need a great deal of exercise and are very talkative.

Bengals are also available in all sorts of colors, but the most authentic coats are those that have spots and rosettes in their patterns. These patterns come from the wildcat known as the Asian leopard.

6. Abyssinian

Abyssinian cats hail from Ethiopia, the region that was previously called Abyssinia. This breed has a reddish-orange agouti fur coat, with alternating bands of dark and light shades. The coloring makes this cat stand out, while its friendly nature makes it a lovely pet.

While the most common shades for the Abyssinian cat is a ruddy red or orange, there are several other color options as well. These include fawn, cinnamon, and even blue.

7. The Exotic Shorthair

The Exotic cat might be the most popular cat breed in the United States these days. They’re perfect for those who like the appearance of the Persian but don’t want to get into a demanding grooming routine.

With Exotics, you get a roundish, teddy-bear-like appearance and a beautifully soft coat. They’re also quite easy-going; all in all, a perfect match for a busy cat lover who loves to cuddle.

8. Birman


Birmans have medium-long coats, blue eyes, and pointed marketing like Ragdolls and Siamese cats. However, the Birman breed has no undercoat, making it a somewhat better choice for people with allergies.

While Birmans were utilized for breeding and developing the Ragdoll, they’re slightly different in terms of marking. The personalities might also differ greatly, but the overall appearances are very similar.

Cat lovers adore this breed for its silky coat and blue eyes. We’re also very lucky to have this breed at all, since almost every Birman cat was almost wiped out during the Second World War. While there was heavy cross breeding with longhaired varieties to keep the population up, pure Birman litters became a possibility again during the 1950s.


Cats may have a reputation of being unfriendly, demanding, and aloof, but that’s simply not true. A cat owner would know the benefits of having one of these furry creatures as part of their family. Knowing about the most popular cat breeds in the US will help you make the best decision for your household. Don’t hesitate now, but select one of the breeds above and get ready to enjoy your new best friend.