How to Handle a Stubborn Cat?

Cats are adorable creatures, and everyone loves their cuteness, but they have quite an independent nature and can get feisty sometimes. They do not show obedience all the time, no matter how stronger a bond you have with your cat. Or it might not be wrong to say that they can’t take a ‘No’ or rejection. They will find all the possibilities to do what they want, no matter how many times you stop them from doing it. But it also depends upon the cat’s nature and behavior, which varies from a cat breed to another. Some cats can even respond positively to your commands and instructions.

But what to do if you have a stubborn cat that is scratching your couch and turning it into confetti, and instead of using the litter box, it uses various other places as its litter box or running from home from time to time? Well, there are some tips and rules you can use to train your cat. Although your cat’s independence is important, remember that training them is not easy compared to training dogs. You have to be patient and consistent if you want to train your cat and grow a stronger bond with it.

Here’s a list of some ways to discipline your cat when they show inappropriate behaviors. We have mentioned all the Dos and Don’ts that you will need to correct your cat’s bad behavior.

1. Training of Cats and Dogs is Different

If you think that training dogs is easy and so will be the training of cats. Well, you are going in the wrong direction. Cats are ingenious animals. They both have a very different learning process. Dogs will engage and pay attention to whatever you are saying; they will understand almost every kind of instruction. But this is not how it works with cats; it is challenging to make your cats sit, stay, and listen to you. If you want to make them listen to you, you have to know the ways by which you can approach your cat.

2. Do Appreciate When Your Cat Does Something Good

Cats never learn through punishments. If they are doing something wrong, do not punish them because it may lead to more stubbornness. But if you find them doing something good or doing it according to your instruction, appreciate and reward them with treats they like. If they are rewarded, they will know the benefit and start showing more good behaviors.

Cats can get frustrating during their training sessions, but you have to be patient with them. Please do not hurt them while training because they are intolerant to human forms of punishment. If you try to dominate and punish them physically, it will immediately break the bond between you and them. Moreover, it can actually worsen the situation.

3. Don’t Shout at Your Cat

No one likes to be yelled at, so how can cats take it normally? You already don’t speak the same language. Your cat will take yelling as a bad impression from your side; the tone of your voice while yelling will have a terrible impact on your cat, which may weaken the bond between you two. You have to understand your cat’s nature first and then train her according to it.

You have to fully understand her body language and what different meows mean, and then imply various tips that we are discussing here. It is more helpful rather than just punishing your cat.

4. Stop Them Immediately When They are Showing Bad Behaviors

Cats are attention seekers most of the time. They will do things to get your attention if you are busy somewhere or ignoring them. They might start showing bad behaviors to get your attention. First, give them the attention they require. Take some quality time out of your busy schedule to spend with them. And if they are doing something they should not, stop them immediately from doing it. Stopping them right awaywould help most of the time, but ignore them if they don’t stop. This will be the best you can do at that time. If stopping them immediately helps, at times, it can also frustrate cats. Therefore, try not to frustrate them.

5. Take Care of Your Cat’s Health

Cat’s bad behaviors are not just about their stubborn nature. There can be different reasons behind certain behaviors shown by cats. Maybe your cat is not stubborn natured; maybe she is not in good health. But how would you know about it? Well, you spent time with your cat, you get to know about their behaviors. So if suddenly they start behaving differently, this might have something to do with their health.

In this situation, better consult a veterinarian and know about the problem and its better solution.

6. Change Their Environment

You mightnot know this, but cats can get depressed too. Seeing the same four walls and staying inside the house all the time is not just depressing for humans, but also cats. People don’t take their cats out because of the fear that they might run away. Cats go after anything they might find attractive. And when you take them out, they will find the outer world more attractive than staying inside the home all the time. They won’t want to come back and can run away. But keeping them inside is also not a solution to it; they can get sick.

There are different ways by which you can change their environment. You can leave them out in your garden under your supervision, or you can wrap a harness around them and take them on a walk nearby. Your interaction with your cat can be difficult if your cat is not in a good mood or health.

7. Do Not Allow Harsh Play

Cats can get excited when you are playing with them. And in this excitement, they might start biting or scratching you with their nails. This kind of playtime will raise a furious and feisty behavior in them. Do not allow this kind of play. Immediately stop them; if not stopped, they will make it their habit and start doing it more than often.

Stop them politely; try to avoid yelling or punishments. There is a myth that spray bottles help train cats and stop them from showing inappropriate behaviors. Well, to clarify, it is not a good idea to train cats. This is a sort of punishment you are giving to your cat, and you are forcing them to do something, which is not quite a part of their nature. You can’t force cats to behave themselves; they need to be trained with patience and care. And this is the only way you can have a good relationship with your cat.

8. Rubbing Their Nose is Not Good in All the Situations

Some cats might love when you rub their nose; it may be a sign of love for them. But for some cats, rubbing their nose isn’t a good thing to do. Either it will upset them, or it will seem like you support the certain situation they caused.

Handle Your Stubborn Cat with Love

To train your stubborn cat, all you need is patience and consistency. Treat them with care, appreciate them every time they listen to you, and use the food rewards your cat is more enthusiastic about. Train in short sessions and don’t progress too quickly. And yes, don’t get angry if they do anything bad during the training session. Forgive your cat, move on, and continue training it to become a good listener.