Historical Events Involving Cats

Cats are the super adorable creatures that light up our lives with their presence. Sure, they have an attitude problem and will only let you cuddle if it’s up to their mood, but let’s face it, you can’t live without your pet cat.  And historically cats have always been loved going all the way back to the ancient Egyptian times!

You must have seen those viral videos on the internet where cats end up in odd places and create a scene. Well, it turns out that cats have been doing this way before it was cool. They have been busy making history of their own, and they don’t regret it one bit.

We have compiled a list of historical events for you to know what your feline partners are capable of:

1. Unsinkable Sam

The cat just won’t sink and survived three massive shipwrecks! Oskar was the cat who happened to be on a German battleship in 1942. The ship, Bismark, met its unfortunate fate and was destroyed by the British during World War II. Oskar used one of his nine lives and was rescued by the British on board the destroyer ship Cossack

Just a few months after this incident, Cossack also got sunk in the depths of the sea, and once again, Oskar survived. He lived to see yet another shipwreck as his final ship, an aircraft carrier Ark Royal went down three weeks after Oskar’s arrival. These strange coincidences got Oskar the moniker of “Unsinkable Sam.” Oskar is hailed as a maritime hero.

2. Ta-Miu, The Royal Cat

Pharaoh Amenhotep II of the 18th dynasty of Egypt and his queen Tiye had a son named Thutmose. Thutmose was fond of pet cats, and his personal favorite was Ta-Miu. Ta-Miu’s importance could be easily guessed by the fact that she was mummified and got her very own sarcophagus. The sarcophagus in which Ta-Miu’s remains lie is decorated with intricate details on the outside. 

Most of what we know today about Prince Thutmose came from those details around Ta-Miu’s sarcophagus. Talk about love even after your companion’s death.

3. The British Museum’s Guard Cat

Mike, the cat, served 20 years of his life guarding the British Museum. His duties included keeping the invaders (pigeons, to be specific) away from the museum’s gate. Mike proved to be an absolute favorite to all the other employees and visitors alike. He passed away in 1929, and his death got articles published in prominent newspapers of the world.

4. Mačak, The Inspirational Cat

Who would have thought that a simple cat could be a significant inspiration for someone like Nikola Tesla? Tesla wrote a letter to a 12-year-old kid in which he confessed that he had a pet cat, Mačak, during his childhood. During a playful evening with his cat, Tesla experienced charge as he rubbed his hand over his black cat. He was fascinated by this strange incident, which made him ponder over electricity. We all know about Tesla’s contribution to science, but who knew that a cat was behind his inventions?

5. Félicette, The Space Cat

In 1963, French scientists wanted to study the effects of lack of gravity on animals’ space, and they agreed on sending a cat. Initially, a cat named Felix was chosen for this job, but he soon ran away. As his replacement, a female cat named Félicette was selected to do the deed. It is said that she was chosen from the other 13 cats due to her calm nature. Félicette was launched into space on 18th October 1963. Earlier, most animals sent to space were not rescued successfully, but Félicette survived this adventure and got back to the land safely.

6. Blackie, The Millionaire Cat

Blackie was an ordinary pet cat to an antique dealer. Not that he was much aware of it, but Blackie’s life drastically changed when his owner died and left a sum of $12.5 million as his inheritance. This made him the wealthiest cat in history. At one point, the antique dealer had 15 pet cats, and his inheritance was to be divided among them. But by his death, only Blackie remained the living one. Strangely, the owner did not leave any of his fortunes for his family. Guess the cats were the real family to him.

7. Stubbs, The Mayor Cat

Politics can be a dirty affair, especially around elections. In most cases, people are divided into majority groups behind the eligible candidates. But something strange happened in Talkeetna, Alaska, where people did not want any “human” candidate to win the mayoral elections. They started a campaign for their beloved local cat Stubbs. To everyone’s surprise (and to the candidates’ horror), Stubbs won! Everyone was smitten by Stubb’s charisma and chose to vote for her instead of the actual candidates. She served as a mayor from 1997 until he died in 2017. 

8. Scarlett, The Brave Cat

A horrible fire broke out in a Brooklyn house in 1996. Among others, there were six kittens and their mother cat named Scarlett. Instead of running away, Scarlett stood bravely in front of the flames and saved her kittens one by one. She suffered burns on her body and lost one eye, but her heroic actions inspired many people. 

Scarlett survived the incident but had to live with health issues throughout her remaining life. This amazing story was made into two books and a new award for animal heroism.

9. The Caterer Cat

Sir Henry Wyatt was a courtier who Richard III imprisoned in the Tower of London. Legend says that his only companion in his days of loneliness was a cat who would visit him often. The cat would bring Sir Wyatt food from time to time, including pigeons. With the ascension of Henry VII to the throne, Sir Wyatt was released. His memorial in the St. Mary the Virgin and All Saints Church in Maidstone credits his survival to the cat, known historically as Sir Wyatt’s caterer cat.

10. Pepper, the Star Cat

In a world where humans struggle to get the limelight, Pepper the cat quickly made his way to Hollywood. She impressed directors by walking casually on sets and making herself comfortable between actors. It felt as if Pepper was a star herself and was a part of the cast. She charmed her way into around 25 short films and enjoyed a life of stardom.

Cats – The Unpredictable Creatures

Cats remain the undisputed kings and queens of drama. They can get themselves involved in all kinds of adventure and wholesome events without even trying. They make excellent companions for a lonely individual and are sure to entertain you with their unpredictable nature, as we have already seen throughout history.