Five of the best smartphone games for cat lovers in 2022

As a modern-day entertainment option, smartphone gaming has improved dramatically in recent times. These days, there is a range of games for a wide variety of genres. There’s even a whole selection of mobile titles which are dedicated to cat life and all things feline. After all, most people like cats, don’t they? It, therefore, makes sense that a selection of games developers would aim to produce some feline-themed products.

For cat lovers, there certainly isn’t a shortage of cat-related content online anyway. Cats have been prominently featured in a whole host of hilarious cat memes, while also starring in an extensive selection of YouTube content where a cat might act in a funny manner or befriend an unlikely animal. Now, thanks to the seemingly never-ending array of games that are available to play via a smartphone device, there are some impressive games well worth tucking into also. So, without further ado, below is a look at some of the best games for cat lovers.

Cat Quest

A game which offers the same action-packed experience as a real-time dungeon crawling classic such as Diablo 3, Cat Quest tasks players with embarking on a magical journey filled with dragons as players aim to track down and save their sister from Catnaps, an evil creature. The game’s cartoon style makes it a visually pleasing product, while Felingard – the game’s setting – is impressively detailed and represents a great place to explore and battle your way to victory.

Cat Queen

A hugely popular slot game, Cat Queen transports players back to Ancient Egypt and a time when our beloved feline friends were treated like gods. The Cat Queen slot game is available to play at and is a 5-reel, 40-payline product with a possible RTP of 93.6%. Full of pleasing feline-related visuals, which are accompanied by the likes of Anubis, a god with the head of a dog, the game is a joy to play, particularly if you’d like to win real money while having an entertaining gaming session.

Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector

Challenging gamers with building up a collection of digital cats, Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector represents a casual gaming experience that is easy to grasp and fun to dip in and out of. Once you’ve managed to place a variety of toys and some tasty snacks in your yard, cats will inevitably turn up. From there, players need to find the cats with the highest rewards after some playtime and free food. With up to 40 different varieties of cats in the game, Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector is capable of keeping you entertained for hours on end.

Bread Kittens

Playing the role of a baker, the aim of the game in Bread Kittens is to prevent the evil ChowCorp from turning all of the cats wild and angry after tainting their cat food. In order to succeed, players need to engage in various battles with the cats and then tempt them into their care through a freshly baked loaf of bread. Once captured, the bread is then used further as body armour for your rescued feline companions as you aim to keep them safe.

Super Phantom Cat 2

A great game for platform gamers, in particular, Super Phantom Cat 2 is a blast to tuck into. Featuring a huge selection of cats with unique costumes and special abilities, players are tasked with collecting as many hero fragments as possible in this level-based classic. Along the way, there are a load of obstacles and enemies you’ll need to see off, while also having to avoid traps too.