Tips for Traveling With Your Cat

Tips for Traveling With Your Cat

Are you planning to travel with your cat for the first time? Have you tried road tripping with her before but ended up with a chaotic experience? Well, traveling with cats, as well as with any other pets, aren’t always that pleasant. Most cats dread traveling and become scared, sick, or skittish, … Read more

Why Do Cats Like Abandoned Places

abandoned room with sunlight coming through the window

Cats running around a vacant building or a dark alley get depicted in movies and cartoons. The energetic cats are shown looking with their piercing bright eyes in these demonstrations. This insight, however, is not confined to shows. In real life, we’ve seen cats in dark alleys and abandoned areas. It is … Read more

How To Take Care of Your Cat When They Are In Heat?

A cat sitting on a wall looking at the sky

You will remember your cat’s wailing and persistent demands for attention if she’s already been through a heat. If your cat does not mate, her behavior will be a frustrating and unpleasant experience for both of you. If your cat can reproduce, you should expect two litters of kittens per year! Unless … Read more

When Should I Take My Cat to the Vet?

A cat sitting on the grass, looking at flowers

You have probably questioned when to take your cat to the vet as a pet owner. To find an answer to this question, we frequently turn to the Internet, Googling symptoms and seeking to identify the problem. Calling the vet to confirm that your cat is healthy — and to give yourself … Read more

How To Potty Train Your Cat?

Cat sitting in a litter-robot

If you have become a pet parent of a new cat, then training it must be a big concern for you. And among all the questions, how to potty train your cat is probably the top thing on your mind. Adult cats naturally seek out a granular, sandy place to eliminate. However, … Read more

Cat Allergies and How to Deal With Them

A cat lying down awkwardly

Cats are a sassy gift from nature that warms up our hearts and homes with their presence. We love them no matter how moody they are. As opposed to dogs, cats are famous for their attitudes and carefree nature. This attitude of theirs makes them 100 times more irresistible.  As much as … Read more

Top Cat Rescue Organizations of USA

Care for cats because they have rights too. 

All living beings deserve care and protection which includes both humans and animals. On one hand, we have many organizations to care for the well-being of humans but we have very few for the safety of animals. This is one reason why many animals have gone extinct over the past decades. In … Read more

Making Organic Cat Food at Home

cat, grass, food bowl, cat food

Are you tired of looking for the perfect cat food for your feline friend? Are you tired of pricey cat foods that do little to help provide your cat with nutrition? Not only do you have to search for cat food that’s within your budget and is a nutritionally good diet, but … Read more

A Guide to Getting Your Cat Neutered

a person holding a cat

Keeping domestic animals as pets is deemed a necessity among many Americans. They provide blissful company to people living alone and make great companions to young ones. Americans are especially fond of their pets, and they treat them just like a family member. While dogs may be the most popular choice as … Read more

When Should You Get Your Cat Checked at the Vet?

A hand scratching a cat under its chin.

We all love our pets unconditionally. By all means and definitions, they are an equal member of your household, even if the only contribution from their side is looking cute and making a mess at two in the morning. And cat lovers in particular love their pets, maybe because they’re always trying … Read more