How to make money on cricket bets right on your phone

How to make money on cricket bets right on your phone

Cash betting on cricket online is a widespread practice in India. The country loves cricket and betting on their favorite sport can also bring in some pretty decent cash quickly. At the same time, it is worth understanding that betting is not just a matter of luck. This is a combination of … Read more

What Does Your Puppy need?

What Does Your Puppy need

There are several options for dry food, wet food, small variety equations, and a massive range of recipes. Consult your veterinarian for advice based on your dog’s specific health requirements. Food and Water Bowls Begin with smaller plates and progress to larger ones as your puppy grows. Look for sturdy dishes that … Read more

Five of the best smartphone games for cat lovers in 2022

Five of the best smartphone games for cat lovers in 2022

As a modern-day entertainment option, smartphone gaming has improved dramatically in recent times. These days, there is a range of games for a wide variety of genres. There’s even a whole selection of mobile titles which are dedicated to cat life and all things feline. After all, most people like cats, don’t … Read more

Australia’s Favourite Cat Breeds


In October 2021, Australia had roughly 30 million pets, according to an Animal Medicines Australia report. Of this number, almost five million are pet cats. Because of the demand and yearning for a feline companion, many people are wondering how to become a registered cat breeder. Becoming one, however, is not as … Read more

When is it Time to Install a Pet Door for Your Cat?

cat near the entrance of a house

Cats are considered by many people to be the best pets to have at home, and some would argue that cats are better than dogs mainly due to the fact that cats are relatively low maintenance, as they can groom themselves. However, even though cats are mostly independent, they can be clingy … Read more

Is It a Sign My Cat Is Sick if It Throws Up a Lot?


Cats are some of the most beloved pets. They can be affectionate, cuddly, and are fairly low maintenance. That’s why it may be so unexpected to hear the dreaded gagging noise that cats do when they are about to throw up. Vomiting is common among cats and often not a concern that … Read more

How Can I Dry My Carpet Fast?

carpet cat

The need to dry wet carpet arises due to several different reasons. Some of the prominent reasons among them are: After a professional wash since the carpet tends to stay damp for about 10 hours or so even after drying Flooding has caused the carpet to get wet Washing a carpet in … Read more

Istanbul: The City of Cats

a cat in front of a Turkish flag

One YouTube commenter joked that Turkey should not be called “Turkey” but “Cat.” It just might be!  At least in Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city of 15 million people, you will find lots and lots of feline friends there. These cats are everywhere! They come in all sorts of cuddly sizes and colors. … Read more