Black Cat: Myths and Superstitions

Myths and superstitions shrouded black cats for many centuries. While it may seem that we’re already in a modern world, many lores are still culturally alive in the United States as well as in many other countries. In most cases, crossing paths with these creatures is often associated with bad luck, but surprisingly, some countries treat such encounters as a bringer of fortune. Nevertheless, all these beliefs don’t hold true apart from being part of traditions. So, let’s discover some of the stereotypes and scratch the stigma among these adorable black kitties!

Black Cats Bring Bad Luck

The most common superstition about black cats is that they bring bad luck and even death, making them feared by most people. This traces back to the Medieval Period when any animal with dark coloring, especially birds, implied an upcoming death. The said belief carried across time.

For instance, in Italy, it is believed that when a black cat jumps on a person’s sickbed, he will soon die. Meanwhile, encountering a black feline walking from right to left means bad times ahead in Germany. The same connotation lingers in the United States, saying that crossing paths with them or seeing one walking away from you is a bad omen.

But, come to think closely. How many people have met a black cat along a street? You might also have crossed with one. Have you or the others succumbed to a life of bad fortune? In reality, it’s black cats that are unlucky as they are being deprived of love and attention.

Black Cats Are Witches

Black cats sometimes send chills down people’s spine. No surprise as they have also been linked to black magic and often deemed to be witches in disguise. In the Middle Ages, it is believed that black felines were witches’ demons or pets that were sent to surveil humans.

Unfortunately, black cats were part of the casualties of the Salem Witch Trials in colonial Massachusetts. It was a series of prosecutions of people accused of being involved in witchcraft, and black cats were part of those killed. Though hundreds of years have passed, these creatures are still featured in anything related to witches, especially in the Halloween season.

Fortunately, some people have lived with black cats, such as York Chocolate or the Bombay cat, that can prove that they are too adorable to be witches. Probably, the most wicked thing these cats may do is just get into some funny mischiefs.

Black Cats Should Not Be Adopted

Surprisingly, statistics in 2016 shows that black cats were actually adopted more than any other color. However, we can’t dismiss the fact that more black cats are being brought into shelters, which leads to higher adoption rates. Moreover, this also means that more black cats are euthanized as well. With that, there is indeed a bias favoring light-colored cats.

It is sad that people love black leather, coffee, cars, and dresses but seem to veer away from black cats. Black cats can be as sweet and cuddly as the light-colored cats, and pigmentation should never be a criterion in adopting a feline companion.

Black Cats Bring Good Luck

While the first three stereotypes are on the bad side, it’s good to note that black cats are also revered in many ways. In the United Kingdom and Japan, it is believed that owning a black cat brings good fortune. Japanese also believed that seeing a black feline means a person will be finding his or her partner soon. In England, a bride receiving a black cat as a gift means she has better luck in her marriage.

Meanwhile, Scotland tradition says a black cat appearing on your porch means prosperity. On the other hand, French people believed encountering this creature implies something mystical is bound to happen. Lastly, European sailors bring a black cat on their trips for a safe journey.


While colorful and patterned cats may be enticing, it is the cat’s personality that you should look at whenever you are looking for a lovable feline companion. Let’s all put the fables away and not overlook the fact that black cats are as capable of affection. Truth to be told, the only magical powers they have is to love their owners unconditionally, like every single cat.