Australia’s Favourite Cat Breeds

In October 2021, Australia had roughly 30 million pets, according to an Animal Medicines Australia report. Of this number, almost five million are pet cats. Because of the demand and yearning for a feline companion, many people are wondering how to become a registered cat breeder.

Becoming one, however, is not as easy as some may think given that breeding is a slow and long process. There are plenty of things a prospective breeder needs to first learn to produce healthy and happy felines. These include genetics, nutrition, temperament, and training, among others. This is why prospective breeders must pick the best cat to breed.

If you are considering becoming a registered feline breeder, below is a list of the five most in-demand cat breeds of 2021, according to 163 million Google search volumes analysed by Hill’s Pet Nutrition Australia. Hopefully, it will help you choose the right cat for your breeding stock.

#5 Sphynx

Originally named the Canadian hairless, the Sphynx entered the list with 264,000 searches. This medium-sized cat is loyal, affectionate, and intelligent. It likes to curl up on its human’s lap and follow them around. A friendly breed, it gets along well with children and other pets.

Notable for being hairless and having wrinkly skin, the Sphynx can be seen in a variety of colours. Some may even display patterns on their skin. Generally, this cat lives from eight to 14 years.

#4 British Shorthair

 One of the oldest recognised cat breeds, the British Shorthair made the list again with 350,000 searches – an increase of 23% from 2020. This medium-sized feline is easy-going, affectionate, and incredibly loyal, making it a wonderful companion for singles, first-time pet owners, and families. It is friendly and will treat children and other pets like friends.

 With a rounded face and a heavily muscled body, the British Shorthair looks like a small teddy bear. It comes in various colours including cinnamon, fawn, and lilac. Some are solid while others have patterns. This cat’s lifespan lasts about 15 to 20 years.

 #3 Ragdoll

 Coming in at third is the Ragdoll with 397,000 searches. This large feline is known for being calm, obedient, and devoted. It is friendly towards people and other animals, and it loves to play and cuddle. What makes this cat extra special is it is attuned to human feelings, making it a great companion for singles, the elderly, and those who need emotional support.

 Aside from its exceptional temperament, the Ragdoll is very much adored for its beautiful appearance. It has distinct blue eyes and a long, silky-soft coat that comes in different colours and patterns. This feline has a life expectancy of up to 15 years.

 #2 Bengal

 A cross between the Asian Leopard cat and domestic cat, the Bengal took the second top position in every state and territory of Australia in 2021, except in Victoria. While it has a wild appearance, it is intelligent, active, and affectionate. It enjoys playing and climbing to high places. It craves attention and loves to entertain, making it a suitable pet for families.

 Bengals are prized for their distinctive patterned coats that come in different shades of snow, silver, and brown. They are generally large cats with muscular bodies and long legs. They are relatively healthy and can live from 12 to 16 years.

 #1 Maine Coon

 The Maine Coon topped the list in every state and territory in Australia in 2021 with 821,000 searches. Despite being the largest domestic cat breed in the world, this cat is gentle, affectionate, and social. Just like a dog, it loves to spend time with its human. It is also patient with children and kind to strangers.

 Incredibly smart, the Maine Coon learns things quickly, making it very easy to train. It adapts well to any environment as long as it is given ample room to exercise. When properly cared for, this feline can live up to 15 years.

 Besides its pleasing personality, the Maine Coon is popular for its appearance. It boasts of a long body and a weight of between eight to 11 kilograms. Its coat is thick, waterproof, and comes in a variety of colours – all with or without patches. This feline’s eye colour can be anywhere between gold, green, and copper. Because of the many variations in its appearance, you can expect that no two Maine Coons look similar.