6 Benefits of Sport in my professional life

Nobody doubts the benefits of practicing sports for our health and well-being. We improve our physical condition and our appearance, we feel healthier and we activate our metabolism. But have you considered what benefits practicing sport can bring you for your professional life?

  • We secrete endorphins. When we finish doing sports we usually feel satisfied, happy, relaxed and in a good mood. And surely we have forgotten all the stresses and strains that we have suffered at work. It is, then, an excellent way to recharge batteries to face another working day or forget everything that we have gone through during the day and not take it home 꽁머니.
  • Improve our attention and performance. If we do sports in the morning, before going to work, we will arrive happy, energized and energetic at our workplace. We will surely be more productive from minute zero and we will remain active throughout the day. And if we do sports at night, after working hours, we will also come home more tired and we will fall asleep more easily.
  • We set goals. With sport you learn to set goals for yourself, to divide them to prevent them from becoming a burden. Setting goals means identifying what we want to achieve, how we plan to achieve it, and when we hope to achieve it. Setting goals encourages us and helps us direct our efforts. For years, goal setting has proven to be a very effective procedure for improving athletic performance, personal and professional development.
  • Those days when you get up and it is very difficult to go out to exercise, are the ones that also provide that bit of necessary discipline. If a worker is able to establish a good sports routine without giving up, he can get much more in the company, since the person who acquires skills in sports, you can apply them in your job.
  • While you run, swim or cycle you have time to reflect, something that perhaps with the hectic day to day is almost impossible. Think about the solution you need for that stranded project, decide what to do with that order that has stalled or think about that change of professional direction that you need.
  • Spirit of overcoming. Surpass yourself day after day, go a little further than last time and always have it as your goal, knowing how to suffer in moments of weakness. Much of all this will be applied on a daily basis in your project, your company or your work.

Regarding our mental health, physical activity has psychological benefits: There is a greater capacity to adapt to new situations; there is more cooperation and solidarity between colleagues; there is more leadership. There is greater control of emotions: successes and failures are handled. The capacity for effort and will is increased. Teamwork allows us to give and receive help. Values ​​such as loyalty, courage, discipline and initiative are reinforced. Self-esteem increases and shyness is reinforced.

Regarding the social aspect, sport reduces risky behaviors, reduces negative attitudes at school, prepares us for adult life, for work and for family relationships and improves concentration, which allows us to perform better in every way.

There are always excuses for not doing sports: “I don’t have time”, “I don’t like sports”, “it scares me to go out alone”, “I’m not good at this”, “and I’m in terrible physical condition”. Listen to yourself, all of this can be reversed. If you think you can’t, try gradually, first 10 minutes, then 15. You can walk, get off before the bus, use stairs, share part of your free time, look for an activity that you like, try new things, play sports on the home, or in the gym of your building or accompanied by a DVD.

Sharing with the children in these winter holidays is an excellent excuse to do sports, using our free time in something helps us feel better, individually or in a group.