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Basic Syntax Error Unexpected Symbol


donald:~# Reply to: debian-openoffice@lists.debian.org Eike Sauer (on-list) Eike Sauer (off-list) Follow-Ups: Bug#432093: marked as done (openoffice.org-base: can't edit my macros anymore - message is "BASIC syntax error. Vorbereiten zum Ersetzen von openoffice.org-draw 2.2.1-2+b2 (durch .../openoffice.org-draw_2.2.1-5_i386.deb) ... Follow the instructions on the link: http://groups.google.com/group/zotero-dev/browse_thread/thread/b136f0182192233e/6194ed926d1906f1 also see the following link for additional help if needed http://groups.google.com/group/zotero-dev/browse_thread/thread/bbb823b2b38f8952 Todd toddwbucy July 7, 2008 uhh...I didn't so much fix the solution as This error message refers to the class system in Haskell; if you don't know about this, then you can still get some useful information from the error message, namely - the Check This Out

You can activate or deactivate a selected breakpoint by checking or clearing the Active box. Not a very sensible response, is it? Content is available under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPLv3), unless otherwise specified, originally based on OpenOffice.org help. "LibreOffice" and "The Document Foundation" are registered trademarks of their corresponding registered Entpacke Ersatz für openoffice.org-math ...

Syntax Error Unexpected T_symbol Expecting

Vorbereiten zum Ersetzen von openoffice.org-writer 2.2.1-2+b2 (durch .../openoffice.org-writer_2.2.1-5_i386.deb) ... If anyone has any experience with this I would greatly appreciate the help. Names beginning with capitals are reserved for constructors (of data types) and for types and type classes. Vorbereiten zum Ersetzen von openoffice.org-math 2.2.1-2+b2 (durch .../openoffice.org-math_2.2.1-5_i386.deb) ...

The subprogram aptly named ThinkOfANumber simulates a simple puzzle that goes like this: Think of a number [more precisely, an integer] between 1 and 9 (inclusive). To do so: 1. The problem is that -4 needs to be parenthesised, as in double (-4). >fun x = x + abs -2 ERROR "test.lhs" (line 1): a -> a is not an instance Java Syntax Error Use the sheet PartA_NumThink.

As I have a really urgent document, is there any chance to see / test / contribute to the forthcoming OOo python version? This is a good example of why it is sensible to include type declarations in definitions; if the declaration was missing, the foo function would be accepted, only to be rejected How to make it work in OpenOfffice? When a breakpoint is deactivated, it does not interrupt the program execution.

This is a type error(!): concat expects a list of lists, but is instead passed a list of numbers. Properties of a Breakpoint The properties of a breakpoint are available through its context menu by right-clicking the breakpoint in the breakpoint column. Richte openoffice.org-help-de ein (2.2.1-5) ... If you don't know what the magician's answer is, you can try to apply the magician's algorithm to a couple of integers between 2 and 9.

Visual Basic Syntax Error

It indicates that an error is caused by applying test to the list [True], but fails to say that this is due to a missing pattern. An error like this occurs when grouping is incorrect or, if you are using records, in record syntax. >f :: Int -> [Int] -> [Int] >f a x = (a:x ERROR Syntax Error Unexpected T_symbol Expecting Here's the error: BASIC syntax error. C++ Syntax Error Use thereof is explained in our trademark policy unless otherwise noted.

Of course, we are very glad and thankful for Zotero and the ongoing efforts of the Zotero team. his comment is here Now, the list type is an instance of Show, so what is wrong with reverse [] (which evaluates to [])? What are appropriate values for the parameters m and b? Part C: Enhanced Fujita Scale The amount of damage inflicted by a tornado is related to peak wind speed. Vba Syntax Error

The Pass Count specifies the number of times the breakpoint can be passed over before the program is interrupted. The error message itself is contained in the error call in the definition of the !! The program is a correct program, in which x is applied to the function div, hence the error appears as a mis-typing. http://gatoisland.com/syntax-error/basic-syntax-error.php At worst, a missing pattern can give rise to the message Program error: {_FAIL}A similar problem is produced bytotalArea :: [(Float,Float)] -> [(Float)]totalArea [(a,b)] = map times2 [(a,b)] times2 :: (Float,Float)

It highlights the "not" in the "if not" statement. As the message implies, this results from having a non-literate script in a .lhs file. >fred :: Int -> Int ERROR "test.lhs" (line 1): Missing binding for variable "fred" in type Least Common Multiple Meaning of Guns and ghee Adopt A Jet/Book When was this language released?

IsNumeric does seem to work (whereas VBA's IsNumeric misclassifies empty strings).

It is fixed thus empty :: Eq a => [a] -> Bool empty as = (as == []) >compress :: [a] -> [a] >compress [] = [] >compress [a] = [a] Note that the constant ANSWER should be the result of the magician's algorithm. Errors are easily traced since you can immediately see the result of each step. Test using sheet PartC_Tornado.

The problem here is compounded here by using a, b and so on as variable names, since the system uses them also as type variable names. We've made an assumption that anything numeric is valid, that's not true. However, now I have the patched file, and it works fine. http://gatoisland.com/syntax-error/basic-syntax-error-expected-sub.php If you have time, please do the following: Test to see if the bug is still present on a currently supported version of LibreOffice (5.0.5 or 5.1.2 https://www.libreoffice.org/download/ If the bug

In general, an error containing Blah is not an instance of class "Plonk" indicates that something of type Blah appears (on the line in question) in a place where something related Versions of packages openoffice.org-core depends on: ii debconf [debconf-2.0 1.5.13 Debian configuration management sy ii fontconfig 2.4.2-1.2 generic font configuration library ii libc6 2.5-9+b1 GNU C Library: Shared libraries ii libcairo2 Other `unexpected' symbols can be more enigmatic.... >fun x >fun 2 = 34 ERROR "test.lhs" (line 2): Syntax error in input (unexpected `;') The problem here is that the first line Not sure what that means.

This never gives an answer, but rather goes on forever; after some time it overruns the `control stack' which causes the message that you saw. [1 .. 10]!!23 Program error: PreludeList.!!: Richte libstlport4.6c2 ein (4.6.2-3) ... To avoid accuracy problems it would make sense to scale the variables linApproxPrice[j] (e.g. Unexpected symbol: Not.

Current behavior: Expected behavior: No errors, buttons working Operating System: Fedora Version: release Comment 1 Julien Nabet 2013-08-30 06:04:11 UTC On pc Debian x86-64 with master sources updated yesterday, I Now repeat with 42 in the active cell.

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